Lecherous Letterman

Good on you Sarah Palin, for shooting down Letterman’s invite to show up on his sick show.  David Letterman is an old man who thinks his brand of lecherous thoughts and sick jokes are funny.  Not!

Though he made have admitted that his joke about Willow Palin was ‘in poor taste,‘ he should of thought of that before he said it.  He got caught with his proverbial pants down and now is back pedalling.  Sorry David.  Too late.

I agree with Palin’s comment, “…that acceptance of inappropriate sexual comments about an underage girl, … contributes to the atrociously high rate of sexual exploitation of minors by older men who use and abuse others.’ ”  Read the rest of the story here.


7 thoughts on “Lecherous Letterman

  1. The misunderstanding to which I refer is that on the one hand Sarah Palin’s comments were based upon her assumption he was referring to Willow, not that his intended comments weren’t inappropriate, and on the other hand, that Letterman wasn’t clear which daughter was at the game.

    I’m not defending Letterman’s use of off-color and sexual comments generally. I just don’t think what he said was out of character (poor though that character may be) for Letterman. I’m not bothered by whether Bristol is 18 or 48, as she is an adult who has made herself a public figure with her abstinence campaign. Letterman wasn’t indicating that he had any sexual interest in her.

    With regard to sex, marriage, morality, and everything else, I think Letterman is merely reflective of the spirit of the age. This is also why Imus lost his show. Imus appeared to violate the taboo about race. In the current climate, one must be very careful about race or ethnicity, but when it comes to sex, anything goes.

  2. Imus lost his show for words a lot less and no sexual remarks at all. I am for removing Letterman all together. We can do without the first part of his show altogher too. ugh

  3. Thanks for your thoughts Sol and there will be no excoriating going on here!

    I respectfully disagree with the thought that it is a misunderstanding on both parties’ part. Letterman has a history of making off color and sexual comments about all sorts of people of the female persuasion. Even if his comment was directed at Bristol who is 18, in my opinion that makes no difference. It is still disgusting.

    One can cite his comment about living with his now wife, Regina Lasko, with whom he lived for 20 years before marrying her. “After avoiding marriage for more than two decades, Letterman said, “I secretly felt that men who were married admired me … like I was the last of the real gunslingers, you know what I’m saying?” Found here among more than a few other places: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/03/23/david-letterman-marries-r_n_178222.html

    As for the 92 word sentence, which is ‘quite’ an accomplishment I must say – and am deeply honored & humbled that you accomplished this on MY blog, I would suggest that Letterman has no room to make any kind of comments humorous or otherwise as regard motherhood without benefit of clergy since he himself knocked up his live in girlfriend and didn’t marry her until their son was 5.

    Come again Sol!

  4. I will probably be excoriated for coming to his defense, but the key problem here is a misunderstanding on both the part of Letterman and Palin. It seems patently clear that Letterman was referring to Bristol, not Willow, in the joke. Unfortunately, his writers either did not pay close enough attention to which daughter was at the Yankee game or thought the audience would make the leap to associate the joke with Bristol. It may have been that they saw a picture of Sarah and Willow at the game, and given the strong resemblance between the sisters, assumed it was Bristol.

    Letterman may occasionally use jokes that are in bad taste, but let’s be honest, jokes about underage sex (or by implication, statutory rape) are not part of his monologue routine. Bristol has put herself in the public eye with her campaign against teen pregnancy and would be a logical target of Letterman and his writers. I’m not suggesting that a joke about Bristol Palin getting pregnant by Alex Rodriguez is necessarily in good taste, but does cast the whole thing in a different light.

    I think Sarah jumped to conclusions in assuming the joke was about Willow and should have thought about the entire context and the room there is for comment or humor based upon the apparent inconsistency between Bristol’s motherhood and abstinence advocacy, or the inconsistency between Sarah’s advocacy of Christian family values and Bristol’s motherhood, particular by those who don’t share those values and see inconsistencies as a justification for their views, rather than as evidence of the grace of God in the midst of the shortcomings we all have in our lives.

    You may disagree with my views, but you have to admit that the previous sentence of 92 words is an accomplishment.

  5. I remember gulping when I heard that one myself. But I watch for the Top Ten and then go to bed. Conan just doesn’t have it.

  6. What bothers me is the reaction of people who say, “It was just a joke.” You know perfectly well that if Rush Limbaugh had made this kind of comment about someone on the left, nothing else would have done but that he be shut down for good. I do think that Limbaugh frequently goes over the top, but he’s the most like Letterman when it comes to both media recognition and tastelessness.

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