Phillies vs. Red Sox

The kids went to Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia to watch the Boston Red Sox and the Phillies play ball.  Unfortunately, the Phillies beat the Sox but it appears all had a good time anyway. (Yes Mimi, the kids were raised right – thanks to the hubster who has been a Sox fan since knee high to a grasshopper!)  Enjoy the photos!

Citizens Bank Park

Brianna and Mike at Phillies Red Sox

DD & her BF at the game!


What is a Phillies game without the Phanatic!

Brianna and Ian at Phillies Red Sox 2

DD & DS sharing ‘a moment’.  LOL!


6 thoughts on “Phillies vs. Red Sox

  1. Whohoooooo! that is awesome indeed!
    The Phillies have two ex-Mariners who are doing fantastic – Moyer and Ibanez. Wave to them for me.

  2. Mrs. Mutton – one that is married to a devout Red Sox fan since before he could walk! I know my priorities girl! LOL!

  3. “UNFORTUNATELY”?!?!?! What kind of a Philadelphian says that?!?!?! 😉

    I, on the other hand, although I have lived in Red Sox Nation for over 20 years, remain steadfastly loyal to my beloved NY Mets. Unless the Pirates are playing against them. Then I cover my eyes.

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