Old Believer Village

These are some of the most wonderful photos.  The wizened faces which bear the lines of much work and laughter are beyond beautiful.  The women’s hands, knotty and gnarled with blunted finger tips, show years of hard labor but also have an elegance and tenderness to them.  They have diapered little ones, soothed a hurt, made meals, sewed clothing, fed livestock, weeded gardens.  They are rough like sand paper.  Yet can pick up a fine needle.

My life does not know work like that.  My face will not have this beautiful elegance when I am old.  My hands will be soft and uncalloused.

This makes me sad.


7 thoughts on “Old Believer Village

  1. Thanks Phillipa, It worked. Yes these photos are really beautiful. Its a whole different world that they live in. God has truly blesst them. Its surely not a way of life I could live unless I were born into it.

  2. Is there another way you can present this so that I can bring it up on my computer. It doesn’t seem to work this way for me.

  3. This was wonderful! Where do you find these things?! Do you know where this village is?

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