Sorrowful News

The news was full of sorrowful tales today.  Sorrowful for a whole host of reasons.

It appears that the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson has died of cardiac arrest at the age of 50.  Read about it here.   He was an incredibly talented person and before all his plastic surgery, a nice looking man.  His life as a reculse will, no doubt, be written about and speculated upon for quite some time.  I enjoyed his early music.

Farrah Fawcett has also died.  Read about it here.  Her death has been replaced as a leading headline by that of Mr. Jackson’s death.  Farrah’s death because of anal cancer is tragic.  It must have been incredibly painful among other things.

According to Webmd, anal cancer “is usually curable,” is “an uncommon malignancy,” and is on the increase due to the number of persons practicing unsafe “receptive” anal sexual intercourse with multiple persons.  According to Webmd, HPV infection is “strongly associated with anal cancer development.”  You can read the entire article here.

There are no words Dear Readers, on any number of levels.

I can only say, may they rest in peace.  May their families be comforted.


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  1. Irv Homer, 85 , the curmudgeon of WWDFm until 2000 also died this day, of an apparent heart attack. He was ver well known in Philadelphia area for his blunt approach to problems. He did a lot of charity work and supported the Sunshine Foundation for criticaly ill children. He and his wife lost their son at the age of 7 from leukemia. He also will be missed.

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