Is anyone else tired of the hype over Michael’s kicking the proverbial bucket?  I mean, c’mon people.  He was a musician and that was it.  Everyone is turning him into some kind of demi-god.



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  1. I blame 24 hour news for a lot of this nonsense. All sorts of things get hyped out of all proportion because of it and something like this that allows people to feel emotional without it being too close to home like, say, swine flu or the credit crunch, is too good for them to pass up given that sense, decency and discernment are virtues of a bygone age.

  2. Surprise! This little old gray-haired lady enjoyed Michael when he was part of the Jackson 5 and also as a real young man.I thought he was adorable and very talanted. That is until he started with changing the way he looked and the hype about abusing children. After that I had to feel sorry for him. He was sick in the head and Heart and I finally started to pray for him. I’ll continue to pray for his poor soul forever. What a waste.

  3. Me to! Even Katie Couric on the news last night. Come on! it ain’t news any longer.

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