Favorite books you have read to your kids

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I don’t wonder we couldn’t put together a great list of parents favorite books they read to their kids, or shared with their kids, or had passed along to them from their parents / grand parents, etc.

What say you readers?  Make your suggestions and I will compile and post the list.


3 thoughts on “Favorite books you have read to your kids

  1. A few days late and several dollars short, more than likely, but my candidates are the Winnie the Pooh series by A. A. Milne, and the Church Mice series, by Graham Oakley.

  2. Great “Read Aloud Books”:

    All the “Little House on the Prairie” books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Though the main character is female, there is a lot that boys can appreciate!

    All the “Narnia” books by C. S. Lewis

    “Dominic” by William Steig

    “The Hobbit” by J. R. R. Tolkien Works very well as a read-aloud — doesn’t get as bogged down in the story as TLOTR.

    “Cheaper By the Dozen” — if you have a large family….

  3. My parents generally read the Bible to us, but my Mom had bought the ten volume set of _Journeys Through Bookland_ edited by Charles Sylvester. Ours was the 1939 edition, and has the most beautiful binding. It’s cloth, and it’s red, and it has a beautiful design sort of embossed on the spine and as a sort of frame on the front. Also on the front is a beautiful three-masted sailing ship embossed. I have those books on my shelf today, and I spent many, many hours on my bed, on the couch, in the swaying branches of our wild black cherry tree blissfully reading the many Norse and Greek Myths, the historical essays and fictions of many countries of the world, as well as their poetry, folklore, and fairy tales. Of course, the first volume is full of nursery rhymes and tales for very young children. My Mom read this volume to us over and over, and it’s in tatters now. So, I guess I can’t contribute a single title to you. However, this wonderful set of books is still available, either as a whole set, or by various volumes, from many old book sellers. Just do a “google search.”

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