What is it about being at K’s house?  On the drive up Thursday evening, I began to relax. 

We arrived late, so said our hellos and dove into bed.

The next day, while K was at work, the hubster and I took a trip into the ‘big city’ to shop at the ‘big name’ men’s store factory outlet.  We hit is big! 

  • 1 sport coat
  • 1 suit
  • 5 pair of three-season slacks
  • 6 100% cotton dress shirts
  • 7 silk ties

All for one third the full retain price.  And the better part is, they will last him for several years.  I was very happy.  We went to lunch then headed back to K’s house to relax and nap the afternoon away.

Today, after sleeping in and having a leisurely breakfast of freshly laid eggs (three of which I got to bring in from the chicken coop – 1 was still warm!), and freshly made bread, we watched K and two of her friend have horseback riding lessons.  Yup, you guessed it, K and her friends own a horse farm.  They have a big barn with stables enough to house 7 or 8 horses, an indoor riding area, 5 pastures, an old house built in 1857, an a lovely in-ground swimming pool.

The two friends ride Nokotas, a type of horse found in North Dakota.  Hawk is tempermental and a willful youngun, at the whopping age of 5 years old.  He is a lovely greyish black color.  Kit, though younger and Hawk by a year, is calmer and less tempermental.  He listened to his rider without much fuss.  But he is also more used to being ridden and has been in competitions, so he knows what is expected of him.  Hawk was just broken last summer.

Shiloh, a big Clydesdale, is K’s ride.  He is a big, lumbering and loving horse.  It is awesome to watch K ride him so smoothly and watch as he responds to her gentle tug or press of knee.  I am very proud of K’s accomplishments.

Will post pictures eventually, once we get them off the camera.

Tonight we are going to a triple-A basebal game and tomorrow will be another leisurely start, with departure to home late morning or early afternoon.


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