Sewing Projects

As promised, here are photos of the sewing projects Father T requested.


This cloth will be used to cover the Chalice, Paten, Star and Knife on the Table of Oblation after Divine Liturgy, during the week.  It will keep them covered and clean.


These are two long bookmarks.  One will be used in the Gospel.  I’m not sure where the second one will be used.  Perhaps the service book.


This is a proto-type of a pouch that Father will use to carry the Holy Mysteries around his neck when he takes Communion to the sick.  This is repurposed material that does not feel sturdy enough under my fingers.  So I will use the new altar cloth material that is left over to make two of these.  I will show this one to Father to make sure it is the right width for the sick call kit.


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  1. Wow. They are wonderfu;. Thank you for sharing, and thanks be to God for talented people like yourself for contributing to the beauty of Churches.

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