Final product

Here are the two pouches in their completed stage.  The material made all the difference to their construction.




5 thoughts on “Final product

  1. Again, great job, Athanasia! It’s remarkable that you did that “off the cuff.” I’m especially impressed that you sewed each bead on individually and made that pattern yourself. They are really pretty.

  2. You did quite an exceptional job young lady. They are so beautiful.I’m sure the LORD is extremely please as you give back to HIM for the talent he gave you. God bless you Angel.

  3. Mrs. Mutton, they are constructed as a simple purse. Sewed together, regular weight gold liturgical material, rayon lining. The crosses are seed beads from the old pouch which I salvaged. I sewed each bead on individually to ensure it being secure. Closure is sticky velcro, which I then did tack stitches to hold in place.

    They were challenging to do because my seamstress abilities are self-taught. I used the old pouch as a ‘pattern’ and the internet to figure out how to sew the whole thing together in one shot.

    All the projects were created ‘off the cuff’ so to speak. :o)

  4. BEAUTIFUL!! How did you construct them, and what kind of cross did you use — metal, pre-embroidered, or something you yourself embroidered?

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