Looking for More Help!

This time for Sunday School!

This year’s lessons are going to center around “The Divine Liturgy Activity Book” published by OCEC. I plan on supplementing the lessons with enhanced crafts and simple instruction on the Trinity, God loves you and stuff like that.

I am looking for links that will provide photos and definitions of the priest’s vestments. I plan on making paper dolls so the kids can ‘vest’ the priest.

Links for making an iconostasis and a church would be helpful too.

Ideas on how to do this out of cardboard or Legos would be good.

Cost is an issue. Free is best.



3 thoughts on “Looking for More Help!

  1. I also really like the paper doll vestment idea – I’m sure the kids would love to color the vestments.
    And, awesome on the Legos. It seems that there’s a book at LightNLife that is about the Divine Liturgy that you cut out and paste into a booklet – we are also learning about the Divine Liturgy using Father Lawrence Farley’s “Let Us Attend”

  2. Magda, thanks for the reminder about the Lego church. I had thought about trying to do something like that on a smaller scale but need to check the Lego supply. I don’t think I have enough, though if I put in a request on Freecycle.org for my area, that may scare some up.

    I found a book called “Build your own Priest” at OCMC (I think it was). Cost: $9.00 for one book. I may succumb to getting two of them if I have a few dollars in the budget for Sunday School. At the parish, we’re on a thin string at the moment.

    I’ll keep you (and everyone) posted and share pictures as things progress!

  3. I don’t know about the book, but I did make a Lego church with a neighbor’s Legos when we were still at seminary (you commented on it).

    I haven’t made a recent attempt now that I have my own Legos again, but I’ve already promised someone else to work on that. Let me know if I can help with trying things out! (Darn. I may have to buy more Legos.)

    I love your paper doll idea. I’m going to try to make a board book about the Divine Liturgy for Teddy, and if you have any suggestions, I’d love to have them.

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