As promised, here is a photo of the wrapping cloth that I am crosstitching for our parish.  I am not wholly satisfied with it, thus am seeking some opinions.

As you can see, it is set off to the left.  What I am thinking is to continue the design by few more pink flowers on the right, taking it closer to the right edge.

What do you all think:  leave as is?  add more pink flowers?

I am pleased with how nicely it has turned out and with the colors.  The pattern calls for 6 Iris but I did only 3 because I liked the idea of a ‘trinity’ of Iris, as well as I did not like that the remaining Irises would continue the design into the “C” shape the pattern calls for.

This design will be duplicated on the other end of the cloth but as a mirror pattern.  The “open” portions of the design will be facing one another, giving the impression of “embracing” the cross.



Thank you to my friend Suzanna who sent me this wonderful link about Fleur-de-lis which is what the French call an Iris.  I did not realize it was an emblem for Mary!  Read about it here!


6 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Mrs. Mutton, no he has not said anything about a cross. I will take what I’ve gotten done so far to church Sunday and show him. Perhaps he will say something then.

    Thanks for the head’s up.

  2. I think it is beautiful as is. Did your priest say anything about stitching a cross onto it? Most priests I know seem to feel that an embroidered cloth needs a cross on it.

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