…being said by a young middle aged woman, “I’m not accepting applications for friendship. I’m just too busy.”

Only the hairdresser knows fer sure!


3 thoughts on “Overheard…

  1. For a young middle aged woman to say she does not want to make friends, because she is too busy, illustrates how many people in the “me generation” only care about themselves.

    It is sad that many people prefer to spend their time making money, and relaxing by themselves, rather than having any contact with friends.

  2. Several years ago, my cousin told me that she had analyzed the people in her life as to who she’d expend energy on maintaining friendships with, and I’d not made the cut.
    That she would say that totally took me aback, and has honestly been difficult for me to heal. It was such an odd statement.
    Which is a long way to say, “Lord have Mercy” I hope she was joking.

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