Southwest Splendors – Pixs

As promised, gentle readers, here are only a few of the 1000 pictures the hubster took.  He did a fantastic job!  I hope you enjoy the photos.  I encourage all of you to visit this beautiful area!

Montezuma Castle

Montezuma Castle:  This relic has been preserved by the National Park Service.  It is where Native American cave dwellers once lived 1,000 years ago.  Built into a limestone cliff and accessible by ladder only.

Sedona sites

Sedona: This small snapshot gives just a tiny glimpse of the magnificent red rocks surrounding Sedona, AZ and which could be viewed from our hotel balcony at the Amara Resort & Spa.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park:  A view from the South Rim.  As the sun made its journey across the sky, minute by minute, the Canyon’s beauty changed as the shadows moved.  Breath taking.

Canyon from helicopter

A view of the Canyon from the helicopter.  Definitely a unique view but I did not feel I got as spectacular a view from the air as I did from the Rim.

Canyon Sunset

Canyon Sunset:  I love this picture especially due to the sun’s rays bursting forth above the clouds as it sets over the edge.

Moab our hotel view

Red Cliffs Lodge, Moab, UT:  This is the view of the Colorado River from our backporch/yard at the Lodge.  Three days were spent here.  We were nestled in the Valley, surrounded by the red cliffs.  Spectacular!

Red Cliffs

The red cliffs backdrop the Colorado River.

Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch in Arches National Park:  Here I am!  After a 1.5 miles hike into and up to this Arch.  I did not high the last couple of hundred yards to it because of the sheer drop of the cliff.  But if you are able, notice the people (and how tiny they are) to my right (your left, dear reader).  Just follow a horizontal line from the black shoulder strap on my right shoulder, across.  They look like ants!  This gives an excellent perspective of how huge that arch is.

Guides at the Arch

L-R:  Chris (Disney Tour Guide), the Hubster, Me, Mike (Disney Tour Guide) at Delicate Arch.

Outback ride

Yours truly, dear Reader, and the hubster on horseback in the outback.  Let me tell you, I had an interesting time getting off of that horse and then walking!  YIKES!  My horse was named Lucky.  The hubster’s was Snoopy.

When our tour ended, the hubster and I went on to Glenwood Springs, CO to view the Rockies.  But before we went “up”, we went “down.”

Inside a Cavern

We took a tour of the inside of a Cavern in Glenwood Springs, CO.

Mt Sophris

Mt. Sophris, Colorado


Cottonwood tree which grows only near water.  So if you see a cottonwood tree somewhere on the mountain, you know there is a spring nearby.

Continental Divide

Yours truly shivering in the cold and snow 12,095 feet up!  Brrrrr!

Curving Road

The curving road we had just climbed to get to the top of the mountain!


What we left behind!

God in His creation!  Glory to Him!


11 thoughts on “Southwest Splendors – Pixs

  1. Oh my goodness, what beautiful photos! I particuarly like the one of you on the Continental Divide, but the vistas are amazing.

    God is great!

  2. Very nice! What a great second honeymoon. For those who have never been to the “Desert Southwest” I’d encourage a week of travel around it. (In the fall or early spring!) Beautiful pictures.

  3. For our 25th Anniversary we drove halfway from Billings toward Red Lodge with the family and had dinner at a road side cafe. Your’s and Phil’s pictures are fantastic.

  4. Lovely!!! I was esp. taken with the Red Cliffs Lodge, Moab, UT picture… just something about that one really hit me! What lovely pictures and what incredible beauty you saw!

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