An assortment

Today my priest served the 40-day panahida for my mother.  It is hard to believe that 40 days has passed already.  Now that it is Christmas, I see how she was the hub around whom everyone gathered and that she was the one who influenced family get-togethers.  Memory Eternal my dear Mamita!  I miss you.

Our church is beautifully decorated for Christmas!  Red everywhere!  Thundering applause for the ladies who did so.  I forgot my camera so will attempt photos next Sunday and shall share them.

Sadly we are not holding a childrens’ Christmas program this year.  With two kids and irregular attendance in Sunday school (not due to anything under their control), and one who is painfully shy, it is difficult to be creative and come up with something.  May God grant next year we will have something.

Please remember Rdr. Michael in your prayers.  He has led our choir for nearly 50 years.  He is currently in a long term rehab home receiving therapy and radiation treatments for what appears to be recurring brain cancer.  Thus our choir is leaderless at the moment.  This makes for interesting Vespers and Divine Liturgies.  Today one of our altos, who was raised in the church and knows the music well, reviewed some of the Nativity music with us.  We sounded pretty good.  Thank goodness.  In the meantime, we pray for a choir director, and muddle along.  I’m glad David said to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord” and that it didn’t need to be on-key or anything.

Not much interesting on the reading front.  I’ve a lot of  books in various stages of reading.  Most are the types you pick up, read a little, and contemplate a long time on what you read.  I’ve enjoyed my Kindle for the free -ebooks I can get.  Currently I am reading The Angel Experiment by James Patterson, which I’ve read before.  It is about a scientific institute that has grafted animal DNA into fetuses to develop mutant children.  It’s a good story, has interesting in’s and out’s and has held my interest even this second time around.  But I like some weird sci-fi type books and this fits into that category.

Went to a Candlelight Service at the college.  Their chapel is fantastically gorgeous and the acoustics are great.  The choirs sounded wonderful.  As we drove onto the campus, hubster asked me, “Do you miss this?”  My emphatic response was, “Nope!  Not one little tiny bit!  Well, perhaps the history discussions, but that’s about it.  And there is no desire to dive back in either!”  He was surprised.  No finals.  No studying.  No nothing.  Love it.

Adieu for now.


6 thoughts on “An assortment

  1. Memory eternal! We have been praying regularly for your mother in her repose, but I didn’t realise tht 40 days had passed.

    May you continue to experience the comfort of the Holy Spirit during this time.

  2. I agree, I cannot believe it has been 40 days. And, prayers as you go through this bittersweet holiday without her.

    I’m sorry to hear about the Christmas program, and good for the choir!

  3. it is hard to believe its been 40 days! Memory Eternal. We call my mother-in-law Momita too!

    Prayers for Rdr. Michael and your parish’s need for a choir director(s).

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