“The weather outside is frightful…

…and the fire inside, delightful.”  Methinks the quote is wrong, but you get the general sense of things.

The blizzard of the year has finally arrived, 14 hours late, but it has arrived nonetheless.  Prognosticators say 6 to 8 inches.  Those one hour south of us have 10 inches.  Delaware has declared a state of emergency and Virginia is blanketed with 18 inches or more.  Fun!  More is prognosticated for Christmas Day.  Yipee!  I just hope church isn’t cancelled.  I hate when that happens.

Like the delightful Margaret, pet of Miss Tilney, living within a short 15 minute walk of the church would be nice.  Back in the day, I did so and we walked frequently.  Alas, no more.

With the frightful weather and the delightful fire, cooking was the order of the day.  Lovely smells are emanating from the general direction of the kitchen.  A batch of minestrone soup has been completed, divided into lovely small portions, and put up in the freezer for future consumption.  A batch of tomato sauce with sausages is now simmering on the stove and will receive the same treatment as the minestrone soup.

Once the dinner dishes are cleaned up, if energy and desire prevail, a large batch of Italian Pizzelles will be made.  A labor intensive and time consuming endeavor but the fruit of the labor, as well as the sound of contented sighing following the first bite, is well worth it.  I use Grandmom Rosie’s very old electric pizzelle iron whose thermostat no longer works very well.  Regulated heat is not necessarily the term I would use to describe how it cooks.  Thus the iron gets blazing hot and smokes awfully much.  A cracked window and occasional pulling out of the plug from the electric socket is required to keep the pizzelles from coming out an unsightly deep brown (iow, burnt!).

I am resisting the need to purchase a new pizzelle iron.  I prefer Grandmom Rosie’s pizzelles iron to the new fangled ones that make them in one big round waffle.  Hers make one large waffle that has scores to break the waffle into 4 small fans.

I also prefer her recipe which requires only oil…absolutely no margarine or butter.  And anise seed crushed between the palms…not anise oil, for flavoring.  The recipe makes the the pizzelles thin and crisp,not thick and chewy, with a slight hint of anise flavor.

The cook, is of course, entitled to taste test one…hmmm…perhaps two with frozen yogurt on top.

Have started reading Delaney’s book Shannon.  It is excellent.  I shall post about it after I get a little further into it.


5 thoughts on ““The weather outside is frightful…

  1. A blessed feast indeed, and I agree with Suzanna (really, when do I not?) about how I can just picture you puttering around with the snow outside.

    Stay safe and warm.

  2. A memory takes me back to Seminary days and day as Pastor of a country church. One week-end we had one of those snow storms. I made it to Church and one lady parishioner was present. We had a worship service.

  3. Thank you for this lovely post! I can just see you puttering around in your kitchen humming softly to yourself and smiling. This makes me so happy for you! May you be continually perceptive of God’s wonderful grace and love during the coming days and weeks. {{{HUG}}}

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