Eeeny, meanie…I pick you!

Let me introduce you to Hazel who we hope will come to live with us soon.

We met her today at Animals in Distress, a no-kill shelter in the area. We were given a book of photos and descriptions of pooches and picked three or four dogs we were interested in.  We then spoke to one of the vet handlers and clearly explained we’ve never owned a dog before and wanted an older, especially calmer, type dog.  She said, “Let me introduce you to Hazel.”  I was quite reluctant because her breed is a cousin to the pit bull breed.

What a sweetie pie she is!  She appears to be an English Staffordshire Terrier/Boxer mix, is small of stature weighing in at under 40 pounds, is about 5 or 6 years old and is a couch potato. She’s been there since August.  As other visitors came in to the shelter welcome center (where they have an in ground hot tub used for therapy purposes for the dogs!), Hazel’s nose twitched, ears perked, and eyes glanced but she was more interested in the snuggling going on than any person or dog that happened to stroll in.  I have never encountered such a placid, friendly, well-behaved dog.  She responded to commands given, knows her name and barely twitched when I (deliberately) squeezed her paw.

We spent a good hour or more with her at the shelter and she, literally, jumped up on the couch and snuggled right under the hubster’s arm.  She responded to my whispers in her ear with a wet kiss on my nose! When it was time for our visit to end, she did not want to leave.  The handler said, “I’ve never seen Hazel react this way to any other people who have met her.”

I asked why no one else has adopted her, especially with such a sweet disposition.  The handler said, “As soon as someone sees the words ‘pit bull’ they don’t even want to meet her.  But she is nothing like any pit bull you may have ever met.”  Too true!

We put in an application to adopt Hazel.  The next step is a ‘home visitation’ by a shelter volunteer so they can see where Hazel will live.  Hopefully we’ll get approved.


8 thoughts on “Eeeny, meanie…I pick you!

  1. She looks absolutely adorable; and what a sweet, adoring expression in her eyes! I know she will bring you and DH joy. I am so very glad for you. 🙂

  2. Very cool! We’ve had Boxers before and they are very well tempered and good with kids. It sounds like you got a keeper! I hope the home visit goes as well as the on site.

  3. My prognostication for your future is … that Hazel comes to live with you. She looks beautiful.

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