Congrats! It’s a girl!

After a two hour ‘home visit,’ we were approved to bring Hazel home today at 5:30 p.m.  It’s easier to have a kid!  Geesh!  We received a great deal of instruction during the home visit and then again when we picked her up.  We had to sign an agreement stating we would not sell, trade or give her away.

The car ride home was uneventful except for Hazel’s desire to be in the front seat.  She was alert to the sights and sounds but fairly calm.  She was very quick to jump out of the car when we got into the garage and then just as quick to get into the house.  I walked her through the first floor of the house to familiarize her with the rooms.  She sniffed everything.  She swilled down ALOT of water.

The shelter gave us some of her favorite toys.  She grabbed a leopard spotted squeaky bone, took it into the living room and bounced around with it from room to room!  We were so surprised!  We hadn’t seen that side of her before.

She was very attentive to the hubster’s preparation of dinner!  Her eyebrows were tweaking left and right while the nose was going up and down, hoping for a crumb to fall from the pan.  While I poured drinks, the hubster took her outside where she did her ‘duty.’  Before we sat down to eat, I took her to the living room.  Hubster put a chair across the entrance way.  I gave her a treat and there she sat, quiet as a mouse while we ate.  She even laid down!

While I cleaned up the kitchen, the hubster sat down to watch PTI and guess who jumped up next to him on the couch?!  Yup!  She curled herself into a little ball and now is snoring away like a buzz saw!

I can see where work needs to be done.  First is to teach her to not pull on the lead.  She is really, really strong and I have a hard time holding her back.  So walking to heel will be on deck for lesson #1.  Also, teaching her to ‘stay.’  She’s pretty trainable so I expect her to pick things up quickly.

Day one…  :o)


11 thoughts on “Congrats! It’s a girl!

  1. Very cool first dog! I HIGHLY recommend that you check out Cesar Milan’s videos (there’s some on YouTube), I’m sure he has a website, and get his book “Cesar’s Way” of dog training. You need to establish yourselves as the “alpha dogs” REALLY quick with Hazel. She sounds like a gem!

  2. Hooray on the new dog, Trudy and Phil. This is Rosanna using John’s computer — he just showed me your blog. With regard to the pulling at the leash, I recommend two things. First, look into something called a Gentle Leader ( If you use this harness, you will have to be careful about jerking the dog as many trainers recommend you do when the dog pulls or lunges because you could dislocate or at least strain the dog’s neck.

    The Gentle Leader will probably reduce the strength of her pulling to a more tolerable level. Second, of course, is training. I have found the recommendations at to be good advice. If I recall, you can find advice on choosing a trainer/training class there, too.

    Best of luck with Hazel! We welcome her to the family.


  3. Congratulations! I know you will just LOVE having Tiva around. She sounds like a perfectly wonderfully lovable doggy! She is so well behaved, too. Dogs are pack animals like wolves, so always let her know that you and DH are “Alpha.” That means she follows you through doors, and she eats after you do. I am so happy for you! 😀


    You will be so blessed having her as part of your family. I have had my little guy for almost two years and I cannot imagine life without him.

  5. She knows she’s on to a good thing. When I got my cats from the shelter they slept on the end of my bed the very first night and I was so happy because it showed they weren’t scared of me.

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