Vet visit

Okay folks!  Someone should have given me a head’s up on the cost of one little ‘wellness visit’ at the vets!  GeezOhMAN!!! That aside, Tevi is as healthy as can be expected for a dog who was so severely neglected.

She weighed in at 43.3 pounds, stands at 18 inches to the shoulder, has clean ears, and the heart and digestive tract sound good.  Because she was just spayed at the ripe old age of 6 and 1/2 years, she is at higher risk for mammary cancer.  So belly rubs are important to keep an eye out for lumps.

Her back teeth are worn down from her gnawing on rocks or a cage or something.  Unfortunately, we can do nothing to reverse that.

The vet said we can reverse a lot with better nutrition.  She now gets a bit of olive oil in her food to help with the dry skin.  Her haunches have no fur on them and the skin is toughened from lying on concrete or hard surfaces for so long.  Hopefully that will grow back with better food.  She also gets 50 mg of Benadryl to help her stop licking her paws and elbows.  She has licked an open sore on her right front paw.  Tevi fits right in with the family!  She’s OCD too!

We’ve had her for 6 days so far and she is settling in okay.  Her face doesn’t look quite so sad.  She’s found her spot on the couch for snoozing.  We’re working on a daily routine for morning and evening food, walks, etc.

On the days when I work, when I get home she goes out, then I feed her, then we play for a good 20 minutes or so.  She is rather perky at that time and likes to chase a tennis ball around the living room with me ‘pretending’ to steal it.  Her tail is up and she bounces around like Tigger.  It’s hilarious!

She is a love bug and likes to snuggle.  She stays in her bed all night long.  We really couldn’t ask for a better dog.  It will be interesting to see her personality continue to emerge and what she will be like.

Thanks to those commentors for all the suggestions, especially Cesar Milan’s website and books.   I am planning a trip to the library to look for his books.


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