Sundry things

Another day of snow is predicted tomorrow.  Surprisingly, it started about the time the weather prognosticators said it would; between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m.  Here in Sleepy Valley, it started at 7:55 p.m.  Made it by 5 minutes!  Tomorrow they are calling for blizzard like conditions.

Extreme weather frightens me.  I can handle rain and snow when it comes in ‘normal’ amounts.  But blizzards, hurricanes, heavy downpours, etc. really scare me.  I’ve no idea why and no idea how to not have that be the case.  Perhaps it is my catastrophic thinking, which I suspect is part of the OCD thingy.  So a blizzard means the roof will/may fall in.  A heavy deluge of rain means the basement will/may get flooded.  Of course, none of these things have ever happened to me in any home I’ve owned, but there is always the chance.  I guess one could call these thoughts, ‘intrusive’ so I should battle them the same way – with dismissing them and prayer. But it is really hard.

The better part of the day was spent baking various breads:  rye, corn and honey oatmeal.  The freezer is now stocked up.  I also am working on a baby blanket for my young niece who is expecting in July.  I will probably make a sweater and matching cap too.

The Princess, aka ‘the dog,’ continues to provide many moments of laughter, especially watching her delicately place her paws in the snow.  Curiosity often gets the better of her, so she’ll step into a pile in order to sniff a patch of whatever.  But she’ll stand still and lift one paw, oh so gentile like.  But then get her in the house and in a playful mood…presto chango…she literally bounces up and down!  Her favorite thing to do is race me down the stairs from the second floor, run from the foyer into the living room leaping over the arm of the rocking chair and bouncing off the seat.  It is positively hilarious watching her try to gain purchase on the foyer rug which slips and slides under her racing feet!  Then if she hits the kitchen floor at full tilt, she’s luck if she makes the corner without taking down the kitchen chairs or crashing into the wall!  Then back to the living room with me chasing behind her, where she turns and jumps into the air trying to grab me.  We have a grand time! I really enjoy trying to get her stuffed animals away from her.  We play soccer with them in the living room; I kick it out from under her, she dives after it to rip it to shreds, wash.rinse.repeat.  Curiously (and thankfully) the stuffed toys are the only things she shreds.

We are mindful of her breeding and lack of knowledge about her background, thus do not want to encourage any negative behaviour.  It appears a towel was used to teach her to grab hold and pull, locking her jaw, and shaking her head.  So we do not play with her that way.  A couple times while playing she has inadvertently grabbed my hand or forearm in her mouth and I can feel her teeth, but she automatically relaxes.  It’s less than like a puppy nip.  It is like she knows it is not the right thing to do to the hand that feeds her.  Nonetheless, we are ever mindful of ‘what’ she is and keep discipline at the forefront of everything, as Cesar Millan says in his books.  (H/T: s-p).

On deck for tomorrow:

  • sweep up/wipe down kitchen floor
  • laundry
  • bathrooms
  • prep for a trip
  • shovel/shovel/shovel

By your prayers!


6 thoughts on “Sundry things

  1. I suspect Emmy would enjoy playing with Princess. Too bad we live so far from each other. I’d worry about the roof, too. We worry about high winds toppling a tree down on ours. I think it is a concern for many of us. Bathrooms – I HATE doing bathrooms. My condolences on your “to do” list!

  2. You have my humble prayers.

    Hope you can find some comfort and peace amid the extreme weather; Princess sounds like she gives much joy.

  3. I think more people should be afraid of extreme weather. Maybe they would stay home and not be driving and need to be rescued. Or maybe they would be more cautious and not be injured trying to go out and get pictures of the high winds. Just remember what fun it is to bake bread and play with the dog when you can’t get out.

  4. I struggle with the same worries about the roof, etc. The kids sleep upstairs so it is a big concern. So glad you are having fun with your dog! They are wonderful creatures and companions/caretakers for us humans!

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