Six year old “loser”

The teacher says, “This is my way of relating to the students.”

Yeah, right.  The guy needs some psychological help if ya ask me.

Watch it here.


5 thoughts on “Six year old “loser”

  1. Margaret — not at all. My son had one of those, too, in fourth grade — a real “screamer” who, after he left in the middle of the school year, began picking on his best friend, also a shy and retiring boy. That teachers have this way about them may be understandable, but why the principals allow it is beyond me.

  2. I was taken out of state school and put in private school at the age of 8 after a teacher,sensing I was the unpopular kid in the class, teased me and reduced me to tears almost every day. A friend of my mothers, a psychologist, said that is actually a method some teachers use to ingratiate themselves with the rest of the kids – picking on the ‘black sheep’. It was a long time ago and I would like to think things had changed but apparently not.

  3. Chris went through that kind of bullying too, with a gym teacher of his calling him “McFly,” after the loser Dad in “Back to the Future.” When I called the teacher to complain, he started to give my husband and me the runaround, till I hung up on him. Next call I got was from the principal, asking me to drop the matter. I did, but only after getting a promise of an apology to Chris (who said it never came). The worst part was — all through high school, Chris was dealing with a pylonidal cyst that would not heal. There was a *reason* for his limited participation in gym class.

    Anti-bullying laws are being enacted all over the country. I wish they would include bulying from teachers.

  4. wow. I have heard of a teacher up here being similar (the parents fought the behaviour through the appropriate channels and pulled the child out of the class), Good for the Mother sticking up for her child and refusing to believe that the teacher’s methods were at all appropriate. Lord have mercy.

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