Jesus is in the drawer

Following the Reading of the 12 Passion Gospels, the tomb  set up by ‘the guys’.  Father sat in the second to the last pew giving instructions.  One of the teens was sitting in the last pew chatting it up with me and Father.

One of ‘the guys’ grumbled while walking down the aisle to the back of the church where we were sitting, “Where are the white sheets to drape the planters and tomb with? Why don’t people put stuff away in the same place?”

I chirped up, “Did you look in the new sacristy area you guys built, back in the altar area?  I think I suggested to someone the sheets be kept in one of the drawers back there.”

Off he trotted.  In a minute we heard echoing from behind the iconostasis, “Good call Philippa!”

I smiled and looked at the tomb and asked, “Father, where’s the Plashenitsia? “

Without blinking an eye, nor turning around, dead pan he responded,

“Jesus is in the drawer.”

Too true, eh?


4 thoughts on “Jesus is in the drawer

  1. In my husband’s communion kit, there is consecrated Body and Blood. We recently moved his kit to behind the driver’s seat, but it used to be in the trunk, and I felt like we’d kidnapped Jesus.

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