Tapped Out!

Christ IS Risen!

Dear Readers I must confess to being absolutely exhausted! Totally and completely whooped. So tired that I was unable to get myself to Paschal Vespers at noon today.

It is official…I am old.

My mind tells me that I am not much over the age of 25, thus should be able to spend lots of time praying, attending services, taking care of husband / house / dog, cook, do laundry, stay up till 4:30 a.m., get 5 hours of sleep and keep on going like the Energizer Bunny the next day.

The 50 year old body is screaming, “NO YOU ARE NOT!!”

I’m so tired I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight. And unfortunately, tomorrow is a work day. I hope I wake up enough to be there mentally. LOL!

Despite the exhaustion, Holy Week services were very helpful to the healing of mind and spirit. The hymnology taught me much. All of the readings reminded me that I am not alone in my struggle. Pascha reminded me that there is hope and resurrection.

Today reminded me that there is rest after the struggle.

Despite the exhaustion

Parting Thought:  Mom experienced the ‘real’ and ‘True’ Pascha this year  :O) That makes me happy.

Indeed He IS Risen!


10 thoughts on “Tapped Out!

  1. Christos Anesti!

    You know how the eskimos have like 20 words for snow? Well there isn’t a word in the English language that describes the degree of tired I was after the Pascha Vespers and Feast on Sunday. Like you…I was totally wiped out. While I loved every minute of it I had to make a few changes this year to run the marathon. For example, historically I liked to fast completely from Holy Thursday Evening until after the Pascha Service early Sunday morning…but when I did this I didn’t have the strength or inclination to go with everyone to the IHOP afterward. This year…I ate and took a looooong nap on Saturday, took a shower right before leaving for the Pascha service and I was in reasonably good shape to feast at the IHOP. But it has taken me four years to learn this one little trick! Good Friday was a blur…decorating the kouvoulion takes the strength of Samson and the patience of Job…neither of which I possess!

    Rest up…you earned it!

  2. Truly He Is Risen!

    I too was, and am, exhausted; but attending, as I am able, the Holy Week and Pascha services is such a blessing.

    My prayers and warmest wishes for a bright and joyous Paschal season to you dear Philippa.

  3. My friend and I ate tons at the Resurrection feast, went to bed in a little hotel at 3am, slept till 8am, had breakfast (!), cleaned up the church, helped set out lunch, ate lunch (!!), cleaned up after lunch and finally went home. I was soooo fine. This morning my prayers consisted of three psalms said in bed – I couldn’t move, it took all my strength to lean over far enough to find the prayer book.

  4. Indeed He is Risen! I’ve never been to an Agape Vespers. Our parish doesn’t have them but encourages everyone to attend them at the cathedral. In the past I’ve woken up too late to even try.

  5. Truly He is risen! I know the feeling, too. I remember my mother saying that mentally, she still felt like a 30-year-old, but her body just didn’t want to cooperate, and boy, do I know what she meant. Good that you are able to think of your own mother in this way — it really does help.

  6. He is Risen indeed !

    I know the feeling all too well, from previous years ! It will pass, but the joy of Pascha is wonderful 🙂

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