Far & few between

April 7th?  You’d think I would be a more faithful blog-author…geesh.  It’s been a solid week since the last entry and even that was a copy/paste.

It’s not for lack of thoughts that run through my mind quickly followed by “I should blog about that!”  It is a lack of appropriate blogging time.  Often the former thought trots through my mind during the work day.  Sorry, I’m not going to blog when I should be working.  By the time I get home, get the Diva Dog fed/walked/settled, prepare dinner/eat/clean up, I’m a tad tired.  The creative juices have done fermented for the night!

I think perhaps the Diva Dog might be persuaded to guest blog.  She won’t be nearly as creative and pithy as Miss Tilney and clan, nor as adventurous as Moo the Turtle.  She will probably regal you, dear readers, with her distaste for cut grass carpeting the sidewalk, the fact that her owners hardly ever play with her, and that she is not given the freedom to sniff every wonderfully smelly spot every two feet along the evening walking route.

However, she is the Diva Dog and is entitled to her Diva ways…or so she thinks.

So, keep an eye out for future posts from the Diva Dog.  And be gentle dear readers.  She is, after all, new at this blogging thing.


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