Overturned trash cans

My name is Tevi and MamaPhilippa (as PapaHubster likes to call her, which irritates her to no end!) is letting me a guest blogger for a time.  How cool is that!

While I am very dexterous with my front paws, this typing thing will take some time to get the hang of.  But I’m a smart dog so that shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Humble too, I see!

Get away from the keyboard MamaPhilippa!  It’s my turn!  Geesh…these owners don’t know when to back off!  As I was saying…guest blogger…

…today for my brief foray into the world of blogging I want to share the joys of an overturned trash can.  While this makes MamaPhilippa quite upset (I think this is the third time), she just does not understand the great temptation of the smells that come from within it.  I mean, how can I resist the smell of those french fries she had for dinner last night?!  Not to mention the organic yogurt?  I was hoping for some left over steak or burgers but I couldn’t find any.  Sigh.

This afternoon when she came home from taking her friend to the dentist and saw the trash strewn across the kitchen and living room floor, I made fast paws for the corner of the couch.  She was not happy with me.  She didn’t even fall for my “I’m so sorry” pathetic look and it was my best one yet!  She was so upset she put me on my lead in the back yard while she swept up the torn plastic bags and shredded paper.  I actually thought it added a little color and pizazz to the kitchen floor, but she didn’t agree with me.

Now the trash can has disappeared!!  I don’t know where it went!!

There are some delicious smells coming from behind the cabinet doors under the kitchen sink.  Hmmm….I’ll let you know what I find if anything!

Picture of the day:

Me trying to give MamaPhilippa kisses, but she doesn’t want any!


6 thoughts on “Overturned trash cans

  1. My dear Tevi, you must take steps, fast paws if you like, to ensure Miss Philippa does not take advantage of you. I cannot tell you how many times I have settled down to read a chapter or two of Miss Furrburr or make sense of Miss Darcy’s latest philosophical dilemma and along comes Big Sister with a cup of coffee whining about having nothing to blog about today and suddenly I find myself torn away from more amiable pursuits to blog. My advice is to set ground rules and stick to them and if Miss Philippa doesn’t I can tell you that digging up a few of their daffodils puts them in their place very nicely.

  2. Welcome to dog. 🙂 We find stuff in the back yard all the time that we forget to put up high. Our dogs are all enough to “counter surf”.

  3. A beautiful photo.

    And poor MamaPhillipa. Be good to her and PapaHubster. And look forward to hearing more from you.

  4. Tevi,
    my Basil , the Dog of Doom, has not yet learned to use a keyboard, but I am sure he would want you to know that his human has done a truly dastardly deed and replaced the kitchen bin with one that is push-button operated, and cannot be manipulated by a canine with claws.

    A truly wicked plot, as any well-meaning, art-loving dog would know……….

  5. Wow Tevi, you are quite the couragous one. Don’t tell my cat Cleo about your adventures with garbage, as Cleo has yet to figure this one out.

    My sympahties to MamaPhillipa who gets to take care of your beautiful Tevi Art!!

    great photo btw!

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