Brief encounter with a grey furball

Whilest enjoying my evening stroll with MamaPhilippa last evening, sniffing all the lovely smells along our daily route, a miniature poodle was taking his elderly owner for a walk.  He must have been sweltering in the little red turtleneck sweater she had him bundled in, especially since his fur was so thick.  I felt for him despite the cool breeze.

MamaPhilippa, being her usual cautious self, kept an open eye on the poodle. You know how some of those little dogs can get!  I, of course, spotted him long before she did.  My ears perked up as we approached one another, but I was not alarmed knowing I could snap him in half in one bite should I so desire.  But  that would just be to messy so I just strolled along – alert and perky but calm.  One never knows when cute perkiness may result in a a little treat or belly rub.

I stopped to give Mr. MiniRedSweater a sniff in greeting.  He was not pleased!  Imagine!  I just wanted to make friends and he, oh dear….snapped at my nose!  Unbelievable!  I was appalled and of course, snapped back!  After all, what is a lady to do when attacked for no cause but friendliness?!  Where were his manners?  Tsk. Tsk.

Mr. MiniRedSweater backed up in a hurry I can tell you!  Poor Mrs. Elderly was shocked and startled, apologizing for the nip.  MamaPhilippa was rather shocked herself but remained calm and…a-hem, cough…made me sit down.  Mrs. Elderly explained that their property was close by and Mr. MiniRedSweater was only defending it.  MamaPhilippa was rather understanding. Well, Mr. MiniRedSweater had that right to defend his property of course.  But not to nip at my nose!  I mean, of all things!

Well, we continued our walk in peace, all the while MamaPhilippa muttering under her breath about the necessity of all owners training and socializing their dogs.  Why do I suspect I shall be subject to such training myself?

What is the world coming to?  I ask you?!