Diva gets shots

This evening MamaPhilippa took me to see Dr. Ballak.  I really like her!  She gives me kisses on my nose!  I’m not too crazy about her poking around in my ears, but stood still this time since it didn’t hurt like it did the last time.  MamaPhilippa got a little panicky when she saw me digging at my ear last week.  She doesn’t want another ear infection to flair up!  Neither do I!  But Dr. B said they look good.

She also told MamaPhilippa that I “look really good.”  Of course, I perked up my ears at that comment.  I’ve worked hard to keep my svelt figure at a steady 50 pounds, despite the little treats MamaP gives me with my antihistamine.  No wheezing.  The heart is steady and strong.  Everything is a-okay!

I went for a little walk with the nurse.  Instead of the treat I was expecting, I got two shots!!  The horror of it all!  One in my shoulder and one in my hip.  OUCH!  But now I am set against rabies and distemper for the next three years.  I even got a pretty little orange-yellow tag for my necklace (collar).  It matches much better with the little red heart MamaP and PapaHubster had made for me when they brought me home.  Now I’m stylin’!!

The whole evening was mildly stressful so I think I shall take a little snooze on the couch before settling into bed for the night.  Sweet dreams all!


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