A Simple Woman’s Daybook

Outside my window… it is raining and chilly.  Not sure what happened to the warm May days.  It is dark and the street light reflects on the wet macadam of the street giving clear sight to the raindrops as they hit the ground and bounce back up only to hit the street again.

I am thinking… many different thoughts about the events of the day and evening.
I am thankful for… a husband who laughs with me, who helps clean up the dinner dishes, and who is a good conversationalist.

From the learning rooms…still contemplating the things learned at the new Bible study our priest started last week and mulling over the podcast I listened to the other night given by His Eminence, Met. Jonah.

From the kitchen…the remaining smells of a delicious dinner linger.  As a 5th ordination anniversary gift to my parish priest, the hubster and I invited him to an Italian dinner entirely made from scratch; Italian Wedding Soup, stuffed shells, meatballs, fresh garlic bread, steamed string beans. 
I am wearing…sweats and a sweat shirt.  Lazy day clothes.

I am creating…actually I just finished creating a baby blanket for my niece’s baby.

I am going… to bed!

I am reading… nothing in particular at the moment.  I need to find a good book from my bookshelf of “unreads.”

I am hoping… that the nerve pain in my leg with go away though that seems unlikely based on what the doctor has to say, so I am learning to live with it.  So I guess I should say that my hope is more that I learn to live with pain and manage it with humility (and ibuprofen).

I am hearing… the heavy breathing of DivaDog as she chases rabbits in her sleep.
Around the house…it is quiet because everyone is asleep but me.  I like this time of night, knowing the hubster is asleep upstairs and DivaDog on the couch.  I remember when these times happened when the kids were little.  There was a comforting peace knowing everyone was tucked into their respective beds, asleep and dreaming sweet dreams.

One of my favorite things…knowing I made a good meal, especially since I don’t like to cook!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Vespers for the Feast Day of the Ascension tomorrow night, work days, cleaning, laundry, deciding what book to read next, as well as what needlework project I will pick up or start.  Meeting a friend for ice cream Friday. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…close your eyes and picture the warm joy, slow breathing, and sweet smell of a sleeping baby.


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  1. lovely post; so sorry to hear about the leg pain; do hot baths with salts help? Doctors… you can always get a second opinion if you feel the Doctor may not of known everything…

    *hugs* and lovely to be in a house with everyone sleeping.

    Currently Cleo is sitting on one of my dining chairs waiting to be given food. Uh, huh.

    Christ is Risen!

  2. Dinner sounds like it was wonderful! How nice to invite your priest over for a celebration. I do hope that God will grant you the grace to cope with your leg pain.

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