This morning I attended church with the hubster because of a surprise I had planned for him.  Now one must understand…it is nearly impossible to surprise him with anything.  He seems to always find out.  Most probably because I am TERRIBLE at keeping surprises quiet!  Usually I slip up and mention something that gives away the secret.  This time I managed to keep the gaping hole that is my mouth, shut!

June 2010 is the anniversary month of the hubster’s ordination!  I made arrangements to have some old photos published in the church’s newsletter, as well as flowers purchased to decorate the sanctuary.  The pastor acknowledged the hubster by calling him to the front and presenting him with a certificate of recognition.  Also, the bulletin had a little blurb written up about him.  It was all really nice – and the hubster didn’t have a clue until he read the bulletin and saw the flower dedication note.  Both kids came up and attended worship service too.  It was awesome!

In addition to this great milestone, this past week it was announced that the hubster will be awarded the Association of Fundraising Professionals Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter 2010 Fundraising Executive of the Year.  Awards will be presented on National Philanthropy Day, November 10.  The pastor announced that as well.  What was really cool to realized was that the hubster’s very first fundraising success was raising $250,000 to build an addition onto the church to house the FBC Co-operative Nursery School back in the 1990’s.  The first major gift he ever asked for was for $3,000.  The donors pledged $6,000!

Since I was going to be at FBC, I made it a point to attend a particular Sunday school class that is taught by one of my former Sunday school students, who just so happens to be the groom to the bride whose shower I attended yesterday. He was my student when he was in 3rd grade and then again in6th grade.  He hated me the first time around and when he found out he was going to have me again he told his mother, “I am NOT going to Sunday school!  I have Mrs. Philippa AGAIN!”  To which his mother replied, “Oh yes you are!”  Several weeks later when his mother was sick in bed and wasn’t planning on taking him to Sunday school, he rousted her out of bed.

“What do you mean we’re NOT going?”

“I’m sick.  And you don’t like Mrs. Philippa!”

“What?!  I never said that!  I want to go!  We’re talking about xxx and I have to be there!”

She dressed and drove him to church!  Now he sends me all his seminary papers to read, edit and give feedback on.

While I sat in the corner and listened to him present teaching on Romans 5 and 6, I was so pleased.  He has grown up into a very articulate and bright young man.  I know that I had nothing to do with his abilities or foundation – after all, I’m not his mother.  But doggone it…I was really, really proud of him…tats and all!

A great day!


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