Chicken Little

Diva thinks the sky is falling when she hears a little **pop**!  We have a baseball park not too far from our house.  At the end of each game they have fireworks.  Diva hides in whatever little corner she can find.  Tonight while emptying the trash can which is stored under the kitchen sink, Diva crawled into the cabinet!  The hubster had to drag her out!  The poor pooch!

Sunday evening we’ll be dosing her with Storm Stress for Dogs in the hopes it will keep her calm through the fireworks displays!

Some fierce pit bull she is!!


5 thoughts on “Chicken Little

  1. We have a cat who hangs out in one of our cabinets, but I’ve never seen a dog who does it. Hugs – the 4th is so hard for dogs.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh that is the most pathetic thing I’ve seen for ages. It reminds me of Miss Darcy quivering in the corner of my bed when the neighbourhood cats got together for a yowl under my window one night. I hope the calming stuff works.

  3. Poor doggy. She’s a lucky doggy to have you and Mr. Phillipa. My Sukey dog, a huge Siberian Husky, would actually climb up in my lap during thunderstorms! I think the thunder sounded like gunshot to her. I miss my Sukey dog. She died about four years ago.

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