Simple Woman’s Day Book: Today begins the Nativity Fast

Outside my window the day is grey, cloudy, 52 degrees F which indicate a turtleneck/sweater/sweatpants kind of day.  The tree trimmers contracted by the local electric company are hacking away trimming at the tops of trees where electrical lines pass through.  Their talent is awe-inspiring.

I am thinking about how much time has passed since my last entry.  I have had nothing wonderful to say, and that thought remains. I have seriously thought about taking the blog down, but every once in awhile the urge for self-aggrandizement strikes me, thus it remains.  We’ll see where it goes.

I am thankful for hot chocolate, warm slippers, my new toy (Droid 2), a fun day in NYC with the hubster, DD & DD’s BF, seeing The Lion King

From the kitchen comes the lovely smell of a burning pumpkin candle, a late birthday gift from a dear friend.  On deck is bread making since I have none and need toast to accompany the hot chocolate for breakfast!

I am wearing my robe, jammies, slippers and funky warm socks.  This Monday morning I am being lazy…but not for much longer.

I am creating a gift for Bishop-elect Matthias Moriak of the OCA Mid-west Diocese.  I am making a Rushnyk, my first ever and designed the pattern myself using some lovely ideas from various Ukrainian sites.  Photos to come as the project progresses.

I am going absolutely no where if I can help it!

I am reading a Martha Grimes mystery.  It’s okay.

I am hoping for less back and leg nerve pain in the coming days.  I lifted the 48 pound dog into the tub to shower her and…poof! nerve pain returned.  Bad Philippa!  Bad girl!  Perhaps Wednesday’s surgery to remove an infected lymphnode in the upper leg area will help alleviate the pain?  One can hope, can’t they?

I am hearing chain saws in the distance.  See above.

Around the house are the dribs and drabs of a busy weekend that need tidying up: washing sheets, cleaning bathroom, recycle Sunday’s paper (after combing it for coupons), stuff like that.

A few plans for the rest of the week: continuing the needlework on the rushnyk, church office hours Tuesday, getting through surgery and post-surgery Wednesday.  The rest of the week depends on Wednesday’s outcome.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing: the interior of St. Patrick’s Cathedral during Sunday 10:15 a.m. Mass yesterday.  There were a LOT of people there for service.  My DD commented, “Imagine coming to church here every Sunday!”  That would be way cool!

Simple Woman’s Day Book


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  1. I must say I really don’t see any self-aggrandizement in your blog, Phillipa. It is always a joy to hear how you are doing. I pray that your surgery goes well and that you will feel encouraged. Would love to see pictures of what you are making. Sending my love to you and a hug too.

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