All is going well so far.  Thanks be to God!

The surgery went well also.  I was quite frank with the anesthesiologist, that I get nasty sick from the stuff no matter how little is given.  Whatever he gave me for nausea worked like a charm!  Surgery was at 12:15 p.m. and I was home by 2:45 p.m. eating a full lunch and resting on the couch by 3:00 p.m.!  A miracle as far as I am concerned.

The surgeon took out a couple lymphnodes rather than just the infected ‘grape-size’ one.  She told the Hubster they didn’t look ‘bad’ to her but she’s learned never to trust ‘eyes only’ so would wait for final assessment of the biopsy.  I expect that since I’ve not heard a word, that all is well, and frankly I am not worried at all no matter what comes back.

I’ve had minor swelling at the incision site when I’ve done too much, which of course I have!  That’s me!  Never one to just sit for long, doing too much has made me pay a price.  So I’m trying to pace myself, especially since Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) will involve a lot of cooking and cleaning up.  The Hubster will, of course say, “Sit Down! I am cleaning up!” and will gently shove me aside to make sure I don’t over do.  He is that way about things – God love him!

My visit to the chiropractor for the back pain, which has surged to a 10, resulted in his saying, “Ah yes!  Things are quite inflamed.  Ice, ice, ice and I’ll see you Friday too.  And no more picking up the dog to put her in the tub!!”

I am truly blessed to have such great doctor’s caring for me.


6 thoughts on “Post-surgery

  1. Ah Miss Margaret, the Husbster asked me the same question! Henceforth, no tubs for Tevi unless Hubster does the dunking. Or I find a way to get her to jump in/out herself.

    Thank goodness, no dye job for these lymphnodes. One was big enough to feel through the skin! So the doc knew right where to go. Though being an “almost” Star Trek extra would have been cool!

  2. I’m so glad it went well. When I had lymph nodes removed they had injected dye and I was green, purple and blue for weeks, I looked like an extra from Star Trek. I hope you have avoided this.

    And why are you putting the dog in the bath when you have a Hubster? From the point of view of this spinster dogs in baths are at least part of the reason for having a hubster, no?

  3. Yes, you really are. I didn’t know you were having surgery! Am glad that it went as well as it did, and hope you mend without incident. (AND that you have a Happy Thanksgiving, with all your loved ones around you.)

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