Calendars & Thankfulness

Every November I look forward to purchasing a calendar for the coming year.  I also happen to love walking around office supply box stores looking at all the items used for organizing desks, closets and files.  Yeah, I know…it sounds a little obsessive and nuts, but that describes me fairly well. Can you tell I am a neat freak?  So today I trotted over to the big name-brand book store and spent an hour pouring over the potential 2011 calendars.

There are some ‘must haves’ in a calendar.  First it must fit into my handbag.  That eliminates all large wall calendars.  Second, it must be colorful in some way; either with pictures, pages or at the very least, the cover must be eye-grabbing.  Third, it has to have some room to jot notes in the day-of-the-week.  A monthly page is okay as long as the boxes are big enough to write in.  Fourth, it cannot be a 2-year calendar!

Mary Engelbreit has an adorable desk calendar but it is bigger than the one I carried this year, so it didn’t make the grade.  I really liked her monthly calendar too, but carried one in 2009 and didn’t want a repeat for 2011. The same went for Gooseberry Patch which I used in 2010. I looked at Peanuts too but that was even bigger. I found two smaller ones but they featured cats and didn’t want to Tevi a compex because she is not so fond of cats, so ruled them out. After about 50 minutes I went to the standard, boring, regular weekly pocket calendar (shudder!) I hummed and hawed but settled for a neon dark purple leather covered weekly pocket calendar which also features monthly calendar pages in the front. It has a map in the back with world time zones, area codes for each U.S. state and all the toll-free numbers for hotels, car rentals, U. S. air lines, traveler’s checks and credit card companies. That information may come in handy some time. I made my purchase and am satisfied. Maybe I’ll doodle some colorful pictures on the pages myself. Or maybe someone will stuff into my Christmas stocking a package of those cute little calendar stickers I saw at the checkout counter. I just wish Gooseberry or Engelbreit would make a pocket calendar that wasn’t 6 inches by 8 inches.

Once home, I transferred all the special dates (family/friend birthdays, anniversaries, Church Feast Days) into it. I have them all typed up on teeny-tiny labels so all I need to do is print, peel and stick them on the correct date. Hopefully, I will be better at sending cards in 2011 than I was in 2010.

One reason why I like to have a calendar with some space to write is I use it as sort of a journal. I sometimes jot a special thought or a quote on the particular day, something may have struck me in Father’s sermon, or it may have been a particularly joyous or sorrowful day and I jot a thought or two. It acts as a mini-diary. In 2011 I would like to jot a ‘thankful’ thought at least once a week. I’ve noticed others have done this on Facebook so am stealing the idea.

I have kept all of my calendars from the early 1990’s (perhaps earlier, but I can’t remember). They’ve come in handy when I’ve needed to remember a particular event or track the start/progress of a health problem. I recall at one family reunion reading the Hubster’s grandmother’s little calendar/diary. It didn’t have much in it except who came over to help with laundry that day, what days were food shopping days, a note of who had died from influenza that week and such like that. It was a glimpse into an age and life long past. Maybe mine will serve the same to the generations to come. Probably not, but I can’t bring myself to throw them out. The next generation will need to!


3 thoughts on “Calendars & Thankfulness

  1. I do hope that the next generation will *not* throw them out. As you noted, they are a window into a life from teh past, and eventually, have historical value.

    I love calendars and stationery stores, too! It’s definitely a sickness. My husband has been teasing me all our married life about being obsessed with Time and its passage. On the other hand, I’ve told the kids to keep in mind that I don’t know how he’ll do it, but somehow, he’ll manage to be late for his own funeral.

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