“Toss” pile and “Keep” pile

Moving is a good incentive to clean out stuff that has accumulated for no good reason than, “I’ll decide what to do with that later.  Just put it in the basement for now.”

Yesterday and today I did just that; attacked the accumulation.  We have hauled around from house to house an old grey metal four drawer filing cabinet filled with old tax files, receipts, sermons, and stuff.  I hauled out the contents and began the sorting and tossing.  Paperwork going back to 1982, nearly 30 years worth, got sorted, picked through and piled.  Tomorrow all the junk will go to the free bulk shredder in town where it will be made into tiny bits for recycling.  I was able to reduce down the necessary “keepers” to two file boxes.  I always have such a good feeling of accomplishment when I do stuff like that.

Tomorrow I will attack the three file drawers in the den to consolidate them.  Then comes the bits and pieces of junk items like old shoes, boots, lamps and such that will be sorted into “keep” and “toss”.  The good quality “toss” stuff with go to the local thrift store or on to our local freecycle.org list to become someone else’s treasure.  The poor quality “toss” stuff goes out with next week’s garbage.

Since we will be moving to a smaller home, when all is said and done, I hope to have gotten rid of an 11 foot by 13 foot (3.35 meters x 3.95 meters) room worth of furniture and accumulated belongings.


3 thoughts on ““Toss” pile and “Keep” pile

  1. wow; moving; this is such a huge task; also emotionally draining at times. Wishing you the best with it. My best wishes and love. so glad you are popping in her a bit more to update us. love to you.

  2. Well done indeed !
    Good luck with the rest of your sorting 🙂

    I have so much clutter to get rid of in the New Year…….

  3. Yesssssss, it is such a good feeling. I’m very impressed with getting 30 years of stuff down to two file boxes. My life is a constant throwing out, I gave away or trashed so much when I moved and yet it still seems to be here. To paraphrase something “stuff drives out non-stuff”. I hope you are more successful than I have been!

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