Piiiiing Poooooong!

In the style of James the Thickheaded‘s stream of consciousness, I offer the following random, ping-pong thoughts which entered my brain – such as it is – during “The Pooch’s” walk.

As is the morning (or early afternoon – depending on my level of laziness) routine, I took The Pooch for a walk.  Today the sky was high and robin’s egg blue.  The sun warmed my back as I walked (or was that another hot flash? and are hot flashes blessings from God?).  The week between Christmas and New Year, The Hubster was home and we spent about 30 minutes going through various items in the basement, sorting them into “toss” and “keep/repack” piles.  In the latter went DD’s ear muffs and neck warmer from her young skiing days; both a brilliant purple.  I confiscated them as my own!  What goes unclaimed by the ‘former’ children, now adults, is claimed by the momma if it is useful and of appropriate style and color!  Of course, since it was chilly out, I decided to wear both, so I was roasty-toasty warm.  Therefore, the pooch’s walk lasted a little more than the 20 minute run around the block

Why is it I do some of my best thinking and composing while walking, yet when I sit down to write, the thoughts flee my brain like a flock of startled birds?

We will be moving soon – once the house sells – which, may God be merciful – is soon and will come from the showing which occurred yesterday.  While waiting for The Pooch to investigate one more bush or rabbit turd along the route (Kyrie Elesion!), I thought about the things I will miss about the neighborhood in which we live.  There were more than I thought.  In no particular order:

  • Living on a cul-de-sac (dead-end).  It is nice not having through traffic.  Keeps the noise level down and is safer for the neighborhood kids who play football year round in the middle of the street.
  • The neighbors who are very friendly and social and cook really good things to bring to our neighborhood parties.
  • The good location near food stores and shopping, both of which can be reached in less than 15 minutes.  The same can be said for church.
  • The living room arrangement and color scheme (yes, I know it can be repeated elsewhere – kind of).  I love the ambiance of the room.
  • The screened in back porch and that I can see the street from it due to the way the house sits on the property.

What I won’t miss:

  • The land on which the house sits.  It is more than I can tend to.
  • The large size of the house.  Though we do not live in better than half of it, thus keeping dust down to a minimum, and it makes having sleep-over company during the holidays very easy, it still must be cleaned regularly.
  • The skunks that like to traipse through the yard.
  • The stray cats which live under the neighbor’s shed and hunt the little birdies.
  • All the bunnies!!!  My gosh!!  They eat my petunias!
  • Living on a ‘corner’ with a lot of sidewalk to shovel in winter.

I’m sure there is more that could be added to the list, but that is what comes readily to mind.  Of course, there will be new things and people to learn about and appreciate in the new neighborhood we move to, but I hate doing ‘new’ things.  I get nervous about anything ‘new.’  So that I will need to find a parish, make new friends, learn where the good food stores are, and find a new gas station to frequent, raises my anxiety a little.  It will be fine I am sure, but I will need to lean “into” the anxiety in order to overcome it.

It is best I conclude for now, having procrastinated enough for the day (it is nearly 3:00 p.m.).  There are things to tend to like laundry and starting to put away the Christmas decorations.  House blessing is Saturday.

Read this awesome post on Mystagogy and commend it to you.  Elder Porphyrios: “We Ought Not To Fear the Antichrist or 666”



3 thoughts on “Piiiiing Poooooong!

  1. And when my parents downsized this year… we served as a dumping ground. We … our basement specifically… are/is still recovering. Seeing the product of years of packratdom in the parentfigures, we have vowed to excise the beast(s) in our own lives. So far, heavy on the vows, lighter on the action… but the resolve is good and a first step.

    Best of luck on the sale prospects. Spring flowers are a great buyer magnet they say. And visits to find a new parish are always fun… if not filled with some trepidation, too!

    My best for a wondrous 2011! At last, we’re “done” with that decade we couldn’t figure out what to call it. And now we’re on to the “Tweens and Teens”. Happy New Year / Decade!

  2. We’re contemplating a minor move (only about 10 miles away) to downsize…I’m also going through my head the things I’ll miss or not miss. One of the things I keep coming back to is the good (and quiet) neighbors. I don’t know if there’s any way to assure such a blessing in the next house.

    I hope your house sells very quickly so you can get settled in the new place.

  3. I did not realize that when you said you were moving you meant moving as in away from what you know now; thought you were merely downsizing. This is not easy but God will be with us and will provide what we need. HUGS.

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