Noting the number of people on FB who practiced this the end of 2010, I adopted it for myself for 2011.  Each day I hope to write, in the block of each day on my calendar, a word or phrase of something for which I am grateful.  I am contemplating sharing a few of them here but have not made a firm decision.  It does, however, give me something to blog about on a consistent basis.

House blessing today was very nice.  Father had two cups of coffee and chatted afterwards.  While he was here, it started to snow and there was enough on the ground to make for slippery driving.  Sadly, he got to no one else’s home but ours.

We will need to switch The Pooch’s food to another brand because it will not be carried in the local food store in the ‘new area.’  One of The Hubster’s co-workers’ significant other owns a pet store and sent home a trial size of a new brand.  Of course, it is like a gourmet meal and is safe for human consumption.  Nice to know if we get in a pinch someday.  And the cost goes along with the gourmet meal.  Due to The Pooch’s food allergies we need to take some care in what she eats.  Kyrie elesion – she’s as bad as having a kid!

But, I ask you, how can one resist a face like that?


[I’m such a sucker for a cute face and a sob story.  Geesh.]



2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. A face like that and a lovely soggy tennis ball… indeed… resistance is futile.

    My father always used to slosh so much ketchup on his food that my mother threatened to make him dog food pie to see if he could tell the difference under the ketchup. Seems like Pooch’s food would have been the perfect compromise!

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