As promised, here is a photo showing the progress on the Rushnyk which I am making for the Bishop-elect of the MidWest Diocese.  Never having seen one in real life, my only concern is what to do with the back side of the stitched area.  I am debating on covering it with a bit of muslin to give it a smooth and clean back side of the design rather than being able to see the mess of stitches.  Any thoughts?


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  1. lolol, I think every stitcher I know, whether knitter, crocheter, or cross-stitcher, or any other kind of needlework, has this same problem! But it’s so much fun to give things to other people and watch their faces. You should have seen the look on my son’s face when I finally gave him the train cross-stitch.

    Since you plan to fringe the ends, that makes things quite a bit simpler. Just stitch up the sides, and tack the facing down under the fringe. This will have the added benefit of limiting how far down the fringe can fray.

    I’ve been working on a set of analoy covers for my own priest since the Year of the Flood, and he was the one who insisted on the full backing. I can see why; it helps the stitchery drape better, provided the stitching around the sides is even. Me, if I want the backing to be even, I have to stitch it by hand; I’ve *never* been able to sew a straight seam on a machine.

  2. Thank you both for your input.

    No Mrs. Mutton, the sides will not remain frayed. I stitched all the way to the ends of them because when I turned the sides under to stitch down, I wanted to the design to wrap around the sides.

    I like the idea of covering the entire back of the piece. I had not considered that, but only cover the area of cross stitch. Since I have never seen one in real life, I didn’t know if they were fully lined or not.

    The ends of the ‘towel’ will have a 4 inch fringe. It is Aida cloth, so I will be pulling out all the horizontal threads to fringe it.

    I’m very excited about doing this! One of these days I’m going to make some things to keep for myself instead of giving them all away!

  3. This is beautiful! What great progress you are making.

    Yes, I would put a backing on it. Doesn’t have to be muslin, it could be an easy-to-iron poly-cotton blend of white or off-white fabric. Were you going to leave the sides frayed? If so, you’ll have to stitch it on carefully, but if not, you could just put the backing on top of the front of the piece, sew it like a pillowcase, then turn the “pillowcase” right side out and hem the last edge by hand.

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