Snow on the Beach

Some photos of the weekend.













Lucy the Elephant.  Read about her here.







I’ve never seen snow on the beach!  Probably because I’ve never been to the beach in winter!  We could see the moisture being blown across the sand.  It was COLD!  But beautiful in its own right.


6 thoughts on “Snow on the Beach

  1. Wow! I’ve seen snow on the beach here once or twice but never that much and the salt usually gets rid of it incredibly fast – I didnt’ realise it could ever build up so much.

  2. How amazing to see so much snow on the sand ! Even when it snows here, it rarely leaves more than a thin dusting on the beach…..

  3. That’s very cool. I’ve never seen snow on the beach, and I have been to the beach in the winter. Clearly not the right beach, though.

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