The lull







The lull between today’s storms.  This is our back yard view –  about 6 inches or so of collected snow from two or three storms with sunny days of melt in between.  This morning dumped only about an inch or so, which I will clear after I finish this post.  Tonight are a slated for 6 or so more inches.  We’ve had steady storms about every 5 days.  My muscles are tired from clearing the walks and drive even though I have a snowblower to make fast work of it.

The gray days are long.  I’m ready for spring.  And when that arrives I’ll be impatient for summer.  <grin!>  That’s me…never satisfied.


2 thoughts on “The lull

  1. What a lovely photo! It isn’t the dark that bothers me, nor even the snow, but the frequency of it. I could handle snow every 7-10 days, but this constant fall virtually every other day is getting *old.* (And I don’t even shovel it — that’s what husbands are for.)

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