The Storm

The backyard, post 12 inches of compact snow.  A beautiful scene.

Our township does a thorough job of plowing our dead end street from curbside to curbside, which I truly appreciate….that is, until I need to unbury the mailbox so the post man will deliver my mail!  It helps that one of our neighbors works for the city and another is a state trooper, so we get added attention.  I guess I should unbury the ‘for sale’ sign too.

More huge piles thanks to the plow; however that did not deter my strong armed efforts to make a pass through on the sidewalk.  After all, if the homeowner does not clear the sidewalk within 48 hours of a snow fall, and a walker reports the homeowner to the township, one can find a tidy little fine in their mailbox.

And here we have the princess gazing over her territory.  She muses, “Hmm…the servant did a sufficient job of clearing the drive and walk.  I guess I shall keep her.”

Like Mrs. Mutton, I don’t mind the snow when it comes in dribs and drabs.  It is the colossal dump every 5 days that is a killer.  Add to that the freezing temps in the teens, and well…I need an extended vacation in Hawaii.

Spring is coming.


5 thoughts on “The Storm

  1. Serious snow !
    It looks lovely, but the shovelling is no picnic…..
    Take care and stay safe !

  2. WE missed the previous storms this year but we got it this time…although not nearly as much as you guys. I agree…those colossal dumps are no fun. I hear rumors there’s another potential one coming next week.

  3. Well the scene looks very familiar. We didn’t get more snow this round but we don’t need any. The usual high snowpack is here. Hope you are well and don’t overdo shoveling and hurt yourself. With prayers and love.

  4. Boy, that’s some help you have there. Definitely keep her. ;->

    Is this your new house or the house you are selling?

    In New England, the city or town generally plows both roads and sidewalks. This is not the unmitigated boom it sounds like, since the sidewalk plow (known in this house as Little Dinosaur) never takes the snow down to bare pavement, and you have to struggle to keep from slipping and sliding all over the place. The worst part is, if you finish it off and someone somehow slips and falls on your sidewalk, you can get sued; but if you *don’t* finish it off and someone slips and falls on your sidewalk, they can sue the city! So where’s the incentive to do a tidy job?!

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