Calendar Re-boot

Feeling a bit stir crazy having spent many days in the house because of the weather, and having a Barnes & Noble gift card burning a hole in my wallet, I decided to go to find a new ‘toy’ for $6.97. Happily, I remembered a rebate card with $1.74 on it! So off I went to browse the discount tables for an hour or so.

December is calendar shopping time for me. Dutifully, I shopped and settled with a purple covered ‘unremarkable’ pocket-size one. I’ve lived with it for a month and…well…meh. What more can I say. Today I found a box of 2011 calendars at 75% off shoved under a table at B&N. Unable to resist the discount, I poked through the box to see what might be useful, like an old calendar that featured monthly crochet or crosstitch patterns or maybe recipes. Instead I found this! Isn’t it pretty? It is filled with quotable quotes and daily “who was born today” facts. I love the colors and the flowers. The discount made this purchase very affordable at $4.99! What I really like about the calendar is the empty block of space to ‘journal’. That fits with my ‘resolution’ to write a gratitude statement every day. Into the basket it went.

Next I browsed the bargain book table wanting to choose a keeper. Then I heard, “Hey! Philippa!” And there at the greeting card racks stood an old friend who I hadn’t seen in years. She is now a merchandiser and was filling up racks with her merchandise. While she worked, we caught up. It was great…and I added three cards to my basket while standing there.

Something my friend said has hung with me. “You were always one to speak your mind!” she said with a warm smile. We chuckled. That’s true! However, I realized that I no longer feel the need to ‘speak my mind’ about things. The less angry I have become, the less I feel I have to say and the need to be ‘right’ with everyone has almost disappeared. Working through so many issues inside me these last few years has helped to change that part of myself, for the better. While I may still express my opinion when asked, it is with far less ‘energy’ and much more compassion and peace. And sometimes I don’t say anything. It is a nice, peaceful feeling.

Final cost for one calendar and 3 cards after the gift card and rebate cards were applied: $1.88.

A nice day in many ways. Thank you God.


3 thoughts on “Calendar Re-boot

  1. This IS pretty! And, it does sound as if your day was a gift from heaven.

    Me, I find I get *more* “energetic” with age — not out of anger, but more out of a sense of urgency. There are so many things that so many people take for granted, that just aren’t true (like “overpaid” civil-service workers).

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