…no not the blog, but the ‘self,’ ‘the hubster’ and the house…in less than 3 weeks.

It has been a busy, busy month. As much as I hate, despise, can’t stand moving the positive side forces us to clean out the stuff that has been collecting dust for the last 5 or so years and selling the items that we do not want to move. The dining room set has a new home, as does an old sofa and matching love seat. Old suits and dress shirts will hopefully go to the local rescue mission and be used for those men who are in transition and may need a suit for a job interview. Several boxes of books have been donated to the library. I’ve made three trips to the local thrift store with at least two more to go. I’ve ‘freecycled’ a wheel barrow, filing cabinet, old gardening supplies, and dog supplies The Diva is allergic to. The local family services thrift store picked up a VCR, TV and large trash bag full of VHS tapes.

The ‘do not load’ corner has been established in a corner of the dining room. That’s where those items we are taking in our cars will live when the movers arrive.

Phone calls have been made to utility companies to cancel services. Final doctor appointments will occur. (I’m REALLY gonna miss my doctors. They are THE BEST!) I resigned early from the Parish Council, which was caused by a fiasco, but I will not speak ill of a brother Council Member since it is Lent.

And speaking of Lent, in the midst of all of the above, I’m trying to get to some services, take care of the dog, feed myself, and have relationships with friends and family.

Is it Pascha yet?


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  1. best not to speak ill of anyone, esp during lent. 🙂 Lent is hard. Moving is not easier either. HUGS. This is a huge change and transition for you. Love to you. Hang in there…

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