One down. One to go.

Relocating to a new area is never fun.  There is a lot of stress involved, especially if selling and buying a house is part of the process, even if you’ve bought and sold four other homes through out your lifetime.  Today we sold number 5.  Tomorrow we buy number 6.

Watching the movers pack our belongings into boxes all variety of sizes, then load said boxes and furniture into a 51 foot tractor-trailer made me think of the early settlers of America who loaded their belongings into covered wagons and headed west.  I don’t think my couch would fit in a covered wagon, let alone anything else!  Nonetheless, it is a disconcerting feeling knowing all of your possessions now reside in a truck, what was “your home” is now “someone elses home” and you are “homeless” for a brief period of time.

My parish priest graciously allowed the hubster, Diva-dog and I to stay at the rectory last night since we had no other offers (due to the Diva) because settlement was not until this morning.  To express our thanks, we were going to take him to Red Lobster Restaurant for dinner.  Padre spent the day in the parish kitchen washing pots and pans from pirohi making that afternoon and wanted to rest till 6:00 p.m.  After showering and listening to me whine about how hungry I was, at 5:45 he relented to go…but not before asking Phil’s help to change a light bulb in the church which was high up and required someone to steady the tall step-ladder while Padre climbed up.  So grumbling and giving Padre grief all the way over to the church, we traipsed down the steps while I chided him for not turning off the lights after cleaning up.  I walked into the room and heard, “SURPRISE!”  I had been duped!

Apparently, a week or so ago, several ladies of parish said, “Padre, we can’t let Philippa leave without having a little party to celebrate her and all she has done for the parish!”  And they made it a surprise!  I was flabbergasted!  Tears sprung into my eyes!  I turned to the Hubster with a “did you know about this?” look.  He did not!  It was so sweet of all of them!  And what a spread they put out!  Wow!  Homemade spaghetti and calamari…unbelievable!  I had two helpings!  Gifts!  Laughter! Many, many hugs.  I was dumbfounded and humbled.  What a loving group of people.  I miss them already.

A chapter has ended.  A new one begins but not with “Once upon a time…”

Readers, suggest an opening sentence for this new chapter of life!


4 thoughts on “One down. One to go.

  1. What a blessing! I am so glad you were celebrated as it is totally deserved!
    A blessed move.
    Perhaps that’s the new line?

  2. I am so glad to hear of this surprise …

    hmmm, new sentence… how about…

    “and the next day P. opened the door to her house and…”

    HUGS – moving is never easy.

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