Getting used to “new”

…and Philippa opened the door of the new house…and lived happily ever after!  Or at least that is how it feels two weeks post settlement.

When I take the dog for a walk through the neighborhood or drive down the street, searching for the right driveway, the same sentence keeps running through my head.  “Do I really live here?!?”  It still feels surreal.  In time it will feel like home, but will probably take me a good year or more for that to happen.  I’m still getting used to the sounds of the house and figuring out the flow of a day.

Boxes are largely unpacked and the house is organized.  The garage will be a work in progress over the coming months. The last room to be done is the ‘dining room’ which we are turning into a library.  There are six very heavy and large boxes on the foyer floor waiting to be opened and book shelve parts to be assembled.  Once that occurs, the 27 boxes that sit against the library wall will be unpacked, sorted and shelved.  Pictures are hung on the walls.  I’ve already had to dust!  (One thing that never changes!)  New area rugs are purchased and down.  The house has beautiful light oak hardwood floors through the entire first floor except for the master bedroom.  The whole house is sorely in need of paint and some color.  The previous owners kept things sparse (only white wooden blinds on all the windows and a neutral pale beige paint on the walls).  We plan on punching things up a bit with some draperies.

Our neighbors, Michael and Brian, hosted a cocktail party to introduce us to the neighbors.  About 20 people were there to greet us.  Some even had ‘welcome’ gifts!  There was entirely too much food but plenty of smiles and hellos.  It was very nice of Michael and Brian to do that for us.  Apparently they like to entertain so I expect we’ll get to meet more people in the coming months.  And I look forward to the time when we will be able to reciprocate and have everyone over to see our home.

Sunday I visited the Orthodox mission parish.  This time there were four of us in attendance.  Friday I will visit the established ethnic Russian Orthodox Church for Vespers.  In looking at the three potential parishes, none have Vespers on Saturday.  Most only have Divine Liturgy with the Reading of the Hours.  I’m going to have to get used to not attending Vespers which has been a balm to my soul.  The last 17 months I have spent a ton of time at church, between doing secretarial things for Padre or taking care of altar cloths, or whatever.  To go from ‘a lot’ to ‘barely nothing’ is going to take some adjusting.  It’s probably going to force me to be more attentive to my prayers at home – not a bad thing.

For the first time, I will be making an Easter dinner for the family.  The kids are coming to spend the weekend with us and The Hubster’s Dad is with us for two weeks.  It will be fun!

And so it goes…getting used to the “new”.  I don’t do “new” really well but am getting through better than I have in the past.  Thanks be to God!


7 thoughts on “Getting used to “new”

  1. Christ is Risen!
    Glad you’re settling in.
    Also, I award you 50 grammar points for using “draperies.”

  2. Glad you like the new digs.

    Sorry to hear about the slim pickens… and very sympathetic. Kind of why I’m in the middle of transitioning… to where I CAN attend Vespers and have more life in the parish. Best to you in this part of the adventure!

  3. Christ is Risen!
    I’m glad you are exploring your options thoughtfully, and that you are getting settled!

  4. okay, how awesome to have neighbors who throw you a welcome party… that is great.

    I would also have a hard time adjusting to no Saturday vespers. I hope you’ll get settled into a parish soon.

    Enjoy your time with the kids- two whole weeks! wow.

  5. This sounds so exciting, especially renovating the dining room into a library and getting to paint the walls a color that *you* like. I think we lived with blah eggshell walls for five or six years — and even then, I had to wait till my husband was on an overseas business trip and have my sister come over to help me paint. (Still wondering what occasioned the move, though, and where you are — still in the same state, I take it?)

    I’m really surprised to read about the lack of Vespers, although from the little I’ve seen in New England, that’s the norm here. I kow *one* Greek parish that does Vespers — 40 miles away — and two Russian parishes that do it, 40 and 50 miles away respectively. So Vespers has never really been a part of my life, as it has been yours. I do read Matins and Vespers at home, though, using the Octoechos, and that’s a *huge* help in my spiritual life.

    Congratulations on your new venture!

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