And so it goes…

…one day rolls into another and a little more gets done.

The new bookshelves arrived the middle of last week.  The Hubster and his Dad put them together.  I spent all afternoon and evening Friday and Saturday morning unpacking 20 or 25 boxes of books and shelving them by genre.  The Hubster also culled through his pile and repacked two boxes of books that he does not want any longer.  They are primarily about pastoral ministry (leading difficult people and churches…that type of thing).  As I shelved, I also started a donation box of books that I have either 1) read or 2) am no longer interested in.

Last evening we went to a local furniture store to find two comfy chairs that will go in the reading room (formerly known as the “dining room”).  We found a chair that suits both of us perfectly.  We will return Saturday to place our order because it is ‘friends and family sale day’ so we’ll get 15% off the entire purchase.  Along with the rug, ceiling light and reading floor lamp The Hubster picked out, this room is quickly becoming our favorite.

Since we will not have a formal dining room for those few times when the whole family or a large group gathers for dinner, The Hubster found a table that expands to 72″.  When it is collapsed down, it is only 20″.  Thus it will be a sideboard when not in use and easily set up to seat 6 or 8 when necessary or a buffet table is needed.

I count myself quite fortunate to have my very own personal interior decorator.  The best part is he’s free!  And he’s having so much fun too!

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed having Dad around for the last 10 days.  He’s an easy person to be around and having company all day is nice.  We joke and tease and talk about all sorts of things while The Hubster is at work.  Today I took him to The Hubster’s place of employment (local state college) and he received a little tour.  Tomorrow we hope to get to the boardwalk after dinner for a short evening stroll.  Dad has a bum hip that barks at him when over used.

Speaking of barking, The DivaDog has settled in quite well.  Though she now thinks that she can stand on the back of the sofa growling when she spies the neighbor’s boxer.  That little action was quickly corrected by yours truly!  The DivaDog has been spoiled entirely with Dad around who gives her belly rubs constantly (and sneaks the occasional honey pretzel nub to her).  DivaDog will be quite sad when Dad returns home at the end of the week.  She won’t be the only one.

Last evening we had dinner out with a friend and his wife.  He serves on a local museum Board of Trustees.  I mentioned that though I work from home, I also would like to find a volunteer gig around town.  He mentioned the museum is always looking for docents.  You can bet I’m going to check out that gig!  While it may require a lot of training, imagine how much fun it would be to give tours or speak to groups or even go into the local elementary schools with a piece of art and talk to the kids about it!

And so it goes…life is happening right in front of my nose.  Hopefully I’ll have some pictures of the house to share soon once we find The Hubster’s jump drive to get the photos off the camera and on to the computer!


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  1. If you are looking to rid yourself of some books, I am putting a monastic library together here at the small Skete. I can pay for postage if you would like to donate.

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