Wassup doc?

Not much, or so it feels.

Today The Hubster took his Dad home.  The house is very quiet now.  The DivaDog is going to miss her daily belly rubs.  I’m going to miss having Dad around to chit-chat with and compare story lines in the respective books we were reading.  I’m looking forward to his next two week visit.

Last evening was The Scholarship Gala saying thank you and raising funds for scholarships for the college where The Hubster works.  My consignment outfit fit quite well and the feet held up quite well in the shoes.  The Hubster and I even did a little dancing which we have not done in years and years!  It was quite fun!  (I post a picture when I get one.)

Visited another local Orthodox parish today.  I got there early (9:40) hoping to catch the last part of Matins.  To my surprise I arrived at the reading of the Epistle.  Only a handful of people were there.  More straggled in until the last two women arrived moments before communion.  Following the Lord’s Prayer, the priest gave a ‘children’s sermon’ (the first 5 pews were reserved for Sunday school students – of which 3 were there).  The Creed was said (not in a language I understood).  Only the end was in English.  I was the only one who crossed their arms in “Orthodox fashion” going up for communion (is that only a Russian tradition?).  They sang to a full fledged organ which was positioned in the front on the left where the choir sang, in full choir robe regalia.  And the tones were unrecognizable.  I couldn’t figure out what they were singing.  The sermon was at the end, in two different languages, the English version quite a bit longer.  THEN came announcements!  So from the end of the Liturgy until veneration of the cross was an additional 35-40 minutes or more.  It is unlikely I will go back except for perhaps special services that the other three Orthodox churches in the area may not hold.  I am sure I will find a place that feels comfortable but today’s parish was not it.

A sound tech came to the house this afternoon and spent 4 hours installing surround sound.  They only work on weekends because this is a ‘do it for fun’ job.  He and his co-worker did a very good job and cleaned up quite well.  I was pleased.  The Hubster is thrilled!

My on-line friend, Theodora Elizabeth, shared some fantastic photos of Vladyka Matthais’ consecration this weekend.  My priest at my home parish (before we moved), served.  Vladyka asked him to.  I’m glad Father did.  I am sure it meant alot.  They are the best of friends.  Theodora had someone take a photo of the three of them together just for me.  That was so cool of her!

I wanted to go but made the choice not to for a variety of reasons…umm…truth be told I let my anxiety get the best of me as I thought about going to Chicago on my own for a long weekend.  So the excuses of the Gala, my FIL being with us for two weeks, just moving, etc. was what I told people.  Now here I am telling the truth of the matter.  I wish I had gone.  It would have been so awesome.  But I just couldn’t get over the bump of the anxiety.  Sure I could have gone out with Father, but I thought that would seem strange me being married and him not being married – you know, protocol and all that.  Then my self-talk went to, “Well, Vladyka really doesn’t care.  I mean, I’m not a good friend or anything like that.”  I missed meeting two other cyber-friends for the same reason – I just couldn’t work up enough courage to travel to where they were, despite it being only two hours from my house, to meet them.  This anxiety gets the best of me a lot.  If I do something once with someone, I can do it again alone.  But the first time it is really hard.  You should see me when I need to go to a new food store or gas station!  Cripes!  So you imagine the challenge it is to visit parishes.   And to think…I’m better than I was!!  I hope these three cyber-friends will be able to forgive me.

The week holds routine stuff: a bunch of telephone calls, laundry, cleaning, and a doctor’s appointment.   I have two baby blankets to make, both for the end of the year.  More on that in another post.  I also have a curtain to make.  Two new chairs for our ‘library’ are being delivered Tuesday.  I’ll post photos of the new house another day…so stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Wassup doc?

  1. As far as I know, crossing the arms *is* only a Russian tradition, although the Greek priest at the parish I sometimes attend is trying to encourage it among his flock (he’s also an extremely traditional priest, which is why I go there). The rest of it sounds like a typical Greek parish. I feel I should probably apologize for that comment, since I know you came to Orthodoxy through a Greek parish; maybe it’s just a “Northeast-Greek” thing. But the organ, the choir robes, the lack of Matins — it’s all there. Hang in there, you’ll find something!

  2. Anxiety can feed on itself. And those of us inclined to play well on our own (as they used to say), may need encouragement to go beyond that comfort zone. Add to it, OXWOMS and the encouragement may not be there as much as we’d like or need, sad to say. But keep at it. You may simply find that like walking between the raindrops, you are walking between the people (on odd Sundays) you will eventually meet who will help you find a parish that’s a home.

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