It’s all about the food and service

Christ Is Risen!

The Mother’s Day tradition in our house was instituted by The Hubster when the kids were wee-ones.  After church, I was commanded by said wee-ones to NOT enter the kitchen and to sit in the living room. I was given the Sunday newspaper, the TV remote by the youngest child (DD) and my choice of drink (often hot tea) by The Hubster.  Slippers were fetched.  As I snuggled in to the chair to read and drink, the wee-ones were in the kitchen under the supervision of The Hubster…cooking.

The eldest child (DS) would come out of the kitchen with one of my aprons on and a notepad in his hand to take my order.  When The Hubster was cooking, my choices were more complicated.  When the wee-ones got into the upper grades of elementary school and The Hubster was summarily dismissed from the kitchen because “we can do it ourselves DAD!”, I simplified my choices to a sandwich of some kind and chips or soup or even warmed leftovers.   Always it was DELICIOUS! And served with grins, hugs and kisses and the chorus of “Do you like it?  Did we do good?  Do you want more?” and the occasional, “NO! Get out of the way!  I’m gonna get it for Mom!  It’s my turn!  MOOOOOMMMMMM, s/he won’t let me do…..!”

This Mother’s Day was no different.  DS arrived last evening.  He went to breakfast with The Hubster this morning while I attended church.  When I returned, DS and The Hubster were covered in black from the black licorice mulch they spread around the flower beds!  DS gave the ‘command’ which I obeyed (one does not argue with her 30 y.o. son who is almost 6 ft. tall) and tea was brought.  He went on to cook the most delicious french toast I have ever eaten.  The man can cook!  He used fresh italian bread cut thick.  Dipped it into a mixture of eggs, milk, cinnamon, dash of cloves, dash of vanilla, brown sugar and Bailey’s Irish Cream.  Cooked it on the stove till it was not soggy inside.  With warm maple syrup and bacon fried crisp to absolute perfection, I ate three slices!!  Afterwards he cleaned the entire kitchen.

In addition to the spreading of mulch and delicious meal, he gave me a card booklet to store the first 17 gold Presidential Dollars that he also gave me.  (DS has become a coin collector!)  The Mother’s Day card had a beautifully written note which made me teary eyed.

DD, unfortunately, could not be with us today but herself called and we chatted for nearly half and hour.  She filled me in on the doings of her job and all matter of sundry things. And in a voice filled with warmth and love said, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy.  I love you!”  Even coming out of a 25 y.o.’s mouth the word ‘mommy’ still warms my heart.

This is a wonderful tradition and I am so glad it has carried through for so many years.  Both kids have become very good cooks.  Our one bit of sorrow was that The Hubster’s mom is no longer with us – the first Mother’s Day without her.  Despite our sorrow, we have joyful memories of her and are grateful.

In all, a wonderful day.

Indeed, He Is Risen!


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