Yes I changed the header again and am contemplating changing to a new theme for the blog. What I’m really asking myself is do I want to go through the hassle of rebuilding that which may get lost in the change over: blog links, feedjit traffic, etc. When you get right down to it, I’m lazy. Period. But I may muster up the energy if there is a snappy, snazzy new theme that captures my interest.

Okay, so I mustered up the energy and changed the blog theme.  I like the custom header section which is much bigger than with the former theme.  Still some tweaking to do but I’ll leave that for another day.  Onward and upward!

Today I had lunch with (hopefully) a new friend. We went to an Italian restaurant that has the best tomato gravy and raviolis I’ve ever been served at a restaurant. But then again, that’s probably not a fair comparison since the measuring stick is Grandmom Rosie’s homemade raviolis which no one bothered to learn how to make before she died. So the stick is really high. Anyway…

Conversation was easy and flowing. We found we shared many similar experiences and feelings about the Church, as well as a deep love for Her and God. You see, her hubby is a priest – may God bless and preserve him. There are few places the wives of those who serve at the altar or pulpit have to go to unload the hurt from betrayal or from having to pick up the pieces that remain of the shell of the man who gets beat up regularly. It is hard not to become cynical and angry at the global ‘them’ after a hundred years (at least it feels that way) of service to the Church. And lest we think it is only the ones up front, those who are leaders in their respective churches get beat up regularly too. Especially if they swim against the tide of humanity. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a retreat for all the matushkas, khourias, and presvyterias out there? But then, the leaders who set it up would probably get criticized for something the attendees didn’t like, so it’s probably better to stay home and go out to lunch with a trusted friend.

I’m continuing to LOVE living in southern New Jersey! Every day during my walk with the DivaDog, I look around and ask myself, “Really?! I mean, REALLY??!!” and then laugh aloud! Two days this week were spent on the beach digging my toes in the sand and reading. Not many people where there so it was quiet, except for the waves swooshing to shore and sea gulls snapping up crusty bits of crab and such from the beach.

I’ve discovered Terry Brooks’ sci-fi/fantasy books on Shannara. I found one at a book sale and it looked intriguing. It was a prequel to a series that, oh joy! we had on our own bookshelves. I blew through the first trilogy rather quickly and scored the next four books on for $13. Snapped those babies up right quick and am on the third one.

And so go the days at the beginning of the summer of 2011. How are yours, Dear Reader?


4 thoughts on “Really?!?

  1. I love the new header ! I am so glad you are settling in and having fun in your new home 🙂

    I read the Shannara series many years ago, and enjoyed them. In a long-distant clear-out, I got rid of them all…..I might hit the charity shops today and see if I can pick some of them up to read this summer.

  2. There’s a (biennial) presvyteres retreat in October (southern Indiana this year), hosted by the NSP. There’s a clergy wives retreat in September in South Carolina hosted by the matushki (?) of the OCA.

    With the new baby, I’m not planning on either of them this year, but there are some things available! On the other hand, those are only once a year or so, and a lunch out with a trusted friend … that’s invaluable.

  3. Wow! Terry Brooks! I haven’t heard that name since I was 15. I read Sword of Shanara and Stones of Shanara (I’m not sure about this last title). I think back then that’s all there were. It wasn’t a trilogy yet. In fact, until I read your post, I didn’t know it had become a trilogy. Maybe, I need to visit the sci-fi/fantasy shelves more often.

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