Somehow or another I managed to get poison ivy on the left side of my neck. At first I thought they were multiple mosquito bites but the little pin point bubbles and large area have informed me otherwise. I also have a small spot on the top of my right hand near the base of my thumb. Though it itches, it hurts more so. And I don’t have a blessed clue HOW I got it! so my neck looks like I was attacked by miniature vampires! Reapplication of Benadryl anti-itch creme is frequent and liberal to prevent me from wanted to take a hairbrush to the area! UGH!

Friday we entertained friends we haven’t seen in quite some time. We enjoyed lunch at Tony Boloney’s, a stroll down the boardwalk with a stop for water ice, and then a relaxing bbq dinner of marinated pork chops and a london broil, fresh sweet South Jersey corn and salad with fresh cucumbers.

Saturday an old friend from “back home” played golf with The Hubster then took us out to dinner at Carraba‘s.  We talked about kids (ours are grown, his are entering middle school and the early teen years) and their quirks, how best to journey through those years, mistakes, successes, and thanks to God for His covering our parental stupidity.

Tonight I took advantage of some quiet time to read up on Tuckerton Seaport’s history and that of the indigenous people.  I’ve a lot to learn but am feeling much better about my base knowledge for the tours I am giving.  More to do on the history of the Captain’s House owned by the Pratchett’s.  I’m looking forward to sharing that in the future.

Until then, excuse me while I go hunt down a hairbrush!


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  1. Other than the itching (and I so sympathize, I am very, very allergic to poison oak) it sounds wonderful. Love to you!

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