Hauling Myself Out of Bed = A Life of Faith

“How in the world do those two things fit together,” you ask yourself. “Philippa has gone off the deep end fer sure!” Well, it’s like this.

The alarm sounded at 8:00 a.m. I was toasty, cozy in bed. I reached out and slammed it off. Commence muttering, snuffling, and turning over. “I don’t want to get up.” “I’m so tired.” “I’ll go to church with the Hubster.” “I won’t go at all.” “I don’t like the church. They’re not friendly.” Dozing off and on between mutterings, I realize it is the Feast of the Dormition and since no parish in the area holds weekday services, I knew today was *it*. Would I get my lazy butt out of bed for the sake of the Holy Theotokos?

Oh.for.goodness.sake.okay.here.I.go. Up, dressed, brushed, coiffed, clean, prayer book in hand in less than 20 minutes – arrival at said church with 10 minutes to spare before Divine Liturgy started. Amazing.

It has been easy for me to get to church for many years. Why? Because I had responsibilities once I got there, be they teach Church school, prep choir music, talk to Father about any number of sundry things, water flowers, get coffee started, whatever. There was stuff to do.

Moving and a finding a new parish home has changed all that. There are no jobs or minutiae that needs tending at church by lil’ ol me. What does need tending to is my soul, which is lazy to the n-th degree. It is quite easy to go to church because things need to get done and you are the one to do them. It is quite another thing to get up and out the door to church when the thing that needs to be done is tending to your spiritual life and soul. The busyness of candle tending and those needful and important things that are outside of one’s physical being can sometimes lead to cobwebby corners and rapidly multiplying dust bunnies in the corners of one’s soul. Thus it is the case with me.

God has seen fit to set me free from the joys of tending to the necessities of church stuff and blessed me with the opportunity to tend to my own faith, soul and salvation of their own accord. It is a test of my faith. May I be worthy to pass the test.


3 thoughts on “Hauling Myself Out of Bed = A Life of Faith

  1. Elizabeth, I have heard that comment a couple times before but do not grasp the depth of the statement. Sometimes it brushes my mind so that when I try to grab it, it flits away! Perhaps in time I will know what is truly meant by that statement.

  2. Oooh, I love Elizabeth’s comment.
    I have definitely often thought that it is my contentedness to the parish (I have to teach Sunday School, I have to bring cookies, etc) that has helped me get past my inclination to stay in bed sometimes.
    My soul always thanks me 🙂

  3. A blessing then; talked to a monastic today who reminded us that it is not the small things or even if the place is at first friendly but that we have the Holy Eucharist together, which is the deepest communion…

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