Post Irene Clean-up

It didn’t include much time or physical effort, thank goodness.  We were spared the devastation that North Carolina, Northern New Jersey, Southeastern Pennsylvania and New England received.  A small tree was uprooted but with a couple of stakes and rope will be secured so it can reestablish its root system.  Fifteen minutes of walking around our small yard with bucket in hand to pick up the small twigs and leaves took care of the rest.  Tonight the hubster and I will return the patio furniture from the den to its rightful home.

The DivaDog survived the howling winds with regular doses of the natural herb Valerian.  It kept her calm and quiet rather than pacing the floor and trying to get under or in everything cabinet or bed.  We even managed to get her outside to ‘do her duty’ between rain bands.  Yay us!

Adding to the excitement was a discovery by the hubster of one of our backyard neighbors making its way across our next door neighbor’s driveway.  He said, “That rock is moving!” and then realized it was a rather large snapping turtle!  The cardboard box did not work to capture the creature and return it to its golf course pond habitat.  Another neighbor thought of a shovel and bucket which worked like a charm!  Said turtle is quite happy to be back on the 8th fairway.  We are quite happy to not have it crawling around the streets!

The more time consuming clean up will be from all the ridiculous religious doomsayers!  An earthquake and hurricane all within several days of each other brought the weirdos out.  Wise cracks like, “What’s next?  Locusts?” floated around in abundance.  Those who can quote scripture like I recite my children’s names threw around all kinds of stuff which included the words “repent,” “hell,” “sinful”, etc.  We were reminded what sinners we are.  It is time to repent of our sins.  Blah, blah, ad nauseum.

Do take note, Dear Readers, that the words of repentance were for “all YOU sinners.”  I didn’t read or hear one word that included the speaker of said words.  I guess they’re perfect and the rest of us are going to hell.  At least I’ll be in good company.

I wish I could stick a hose in my ears and wash out my brain!


2 thoughts on “Post Irene Clean-up

  1. I’m glad it all worked out for the snapping turtle. I had no idea what they were until recently, I think I imagined cute little terrapins. However when I was at Holy Myrrhbearers’ one of the Mothers told me about the snapping turtles in their mill-pond and put to rest all my ideas about terrapins!

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